Welcome to AVID 11 Parent Information Night

Welcome to AVID 12
Parent Information Night
AVID Elective Teachers
Denise Guzman, Coordinator:
Mary Byun- AVID 12
Steve Chavez – AVID 12
12th Grade Expectations
12th grade AVID students are expected to:
 Complete A-G requirements
 Achieve highest GPA possible
 Participate in SAT/ ACT preparation (if nec.)
 Participate in college exploration
 Apply to Four-Year Colleges
 Apply for Financial Aid/ Scholarships
 Complete Senior Project (Develop College and
Career Plan)
 Complete Community Service
If a student is struggling in a class (grade is
lower than 70%), student is required to get
This consists of two hours a week of mandatory
tutoring in the subject area. If a student has
multiple unsatisfactory grades, he or she should
divide the tutoring time among all needy areas,
but he or she should not exceed four hours of
Admission Profile
Cal State’s Eligibility Index:
GPA (10-12) x 800+ SAT CR+ SAT Math
2900 minimum to qualify; target score: 3500+
SDSU GPA = 3.79 CR= 580 M=590 Index 4202
LB State Index 3850 +
CSUF Index 3550 +
CSUM Index 3300 (local)
Admission Profile
UC Eligibility:
SAT CR, Math, Writing or ACT with Writing
3.0 minimum
Other factors:
-extracurricular activities/involvement/essays/ rigor of academic
UC Berkeley GPA = 4.18 CR=665 M=696 W=674
UCR GPA = 3.58 CR= 536 M= 576 W= 576 ACT= 24
Admissions Profile
Private Universities
- qualifications vary: most consider grade
point average, SAT I, SAT II, essay,
extracurricular involvement
- Benefit: Consider the individual, rather
than just numbers, small classes, higher
and quicker graduation rate
Four Year University vs. Community
not the same thing!
- Top 12.5 % of all graduates go to
UC system
- Top 35% of all graduates go to
California State System
- Next 30% go to Community
College System (open to all; do not
need to graduate high school)
Four Year University vs. Community
2006 Study conducted by National Center for
Education Statistics (NCES) www.nces.ed.gov
- Completion Rate (Obtain Degree)
84% Private 4-Year
83% Public 4-Year
55% Community College
- Intent to Transfer
33% No intent to transfer to 4-Year
67% Enter w/ plan to transfer (of this group
only 61% actually transfer/ 39% never do)
Four Year University vs. Community
16% of all community college students
successfully complete coursework and
transfer within 2.5 years
40% continue to work toward transfer
44% gone from system
Four Year University vs. Community
Community Colleges may be CHEAPER, but
California State Universities are affordable!
 Cost Breakdown:
CSU- Tuition $5700
MSJC- Tuition $800
Difference: $4900/ 12 months=$408 per month
Part Time Job: $9.00 per hour / 25 hours per week
Earns $225 per week/ $900 per month/ clear
about $700 month
**Make up additional difference by receiving degree at
least one year sooner! (35k starting job)
Senior Year Timeline
Senior year is a challenging time
with many important deadlines.
Available on AVID webpage
Application Process
Cal. States = CSU Mentor (www.csumentor.org)
Apply Online- $55.00
October 1- November 30
University of California (www.ucop.edu/pathways/)
Admissions- Online Application - $60.00
Opens October 5th- File November 1-30
Private Colleges/ Universities
Check with admissions officer or online
Dates and requirements vary
Financial Aid Information
Scholarships/ Grants
Federal $/ State $/ University/
Private Organization and Veterans
Organizations (Must Contact Them)
**Free Money (less than 5%)
Loans- Must be repaid (makes up 60% of all
student aid)
Work (Work Study)
Financial Aid Information
Loan Order: Most Favorable to Least Favorable
Perkins Loan (5% Fixed)
Stafford Loan (6% Fixed)
PLUS Loan (7% +)
Home Equity (Rate may be positive but
long term costs)
Private Lender (Prime +)
*** School or State Loans (may be low interest
but can’t always find)
Financial Aid Resources
Local Companies/ Corporate America/
Employers/ Criteria Listing - Search on
internet or direct contact w/ letter.
Check with your employer/union for
Fast Web www.fastweb.com
Fed Money www.fedmoney.org
Scholarship 101 www.scholarship101.com
Never Pay Any Money for Scholarship
Financial Aid
“Average student spends 80 hours trying
to obtain $5000 in scholarship money”
Is it worth your time?
$ 62.50 per hour
Senior Requirement: 4 Scholarships per
semester. Extra Credit for more than 4.
Financial Aid - Parent Information
Must Obtain student and parent PIN
# for FAFSA (www.pin.ed.gov) –
Due December 1st.
 Federal Financial Aid Information
Apply Online at www.fafsa.ed.gov
Due by March 2nd
Documents Needed to Complete the
Social Security #
W-2 forms / 1099 Forms
Completed Tax Forms (ASAP after 1st of
Current Bank Statements
Untaxed Income Records-Social
Security/veterans benefits etc.
Current business and investment
Records of stocks/ bonds/ other
Financial Aid Presentations
October 18 6:30-8:00 pm
Finacial Aid Seminar
Financial Aid Assistance 5-7 pm
Computer Lab R 114