Yard Maintenance Presentation - Guam Sustainable Agriculture

Yard Maintenance
Prepared by:
L. Robert Barber, & Ilene Iriarte
Guam Cooperative Extension Service & Guam Department of
Funding provided by:
United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources
Conservation Service, Western Region Sustainable Agriculture
Research and Education, Administration for Native Americans,, &
Sanctuary Incorporated
How Much Should You Charge?
A Lawn Maintenance Example
• Depends on:
– What is your goal for your hourly wage?
– Rule of thumb add $1 an hour for equipment
– Needed Supplies
– Business Costs:
• Taxes (Also License)
– How long will the job take
How Much Should You Charge?
A Lawn Maintenance Example
• Marketing Tactic:
– In order to obtain a realistic estimate of time
and resources, after first time at a very low
• Give you a chance to demonstrate the quality of
your service
• Lets you know exactly what is involved
Lawn Care
• Type of grass influences care:
– As does soil type, light availability,
temperature, watering
– Maintenance requirements
• Watering Requirements:
– Lawn sprinklers usually need to be set for 1-2
hours at each spot to apply 1 inch of water
• 1 inch of water soaks soil 6-8 inches in depth
• Deep soakings help develop deep roots
– Eventually plants will require less watering
• Shallow watering benefits weeds
• Do not over water
– Soils can only absorb so much
– Can harm plants & promote diseases
• Early morning watering is best
• Water slowly to avoid runoff
• Correct height depends on type of grass:
– If cut too low grass can die, or thin out
• Frequency of mowing depends on type of grass,
maintenance program, & weather
• Keep mower blade sharp & clean
– Dull blades give grass an uneven look
• Do not mow grass when wet
– Can clog mower
• Clippings should be left on lawn
– Returns nutrients to the soil
Bush cutting
• Often damages desired plants
• Physically harms plants:
– Bush cutter disease (careless cuts that girdle
tree) kills huge numbers of trees on Guam.
Bush cutting Damage Picture
• Reduces yard maintenance
– Weeding, watering, mowing
• Materials can be organic or inorganic
– Organic mulch acts as a slow release fertilizer
& can improve soil structure
• Adds beauty to yard
• For best results apply mulch 2-4 inches
Breadfruit that is mulched with palm leaves
• Controlling the decomposition of organic
material such as:
– Yard material, paper, kitchen scraps, wood
• Creates a slow release organic fertilizer &
contributes to the beneficial organisms in
the soil
• Cost effective
• Prevents green waste from being thrown
in the landfill
• For more information please call your
local Cooperative Extension Service at