1863-1925:New Orleans, LO
Homer Plessy
“We are all Americans, not only
by birth & by citizenship…and
“No race can prosper till it
learns that there is as much
dignity in tilling a field
as in writing a poem.”
Eighth Wonder of the World
Oldest suspension bridge in the US. Connects Brooklyn to Manhattan
1878 Utica, NY
1960 Greensboro NC sit-ins
The "Five and Dime" store, as my grandma called it, was a fun place for a kid and
an inexpensive place to get some toys. I remember my grandma taking me there
and buying me Army men and a sticker book to bring back to her house,
and we often had lunch there –
a grilled cheese sandwich and a Coke was the perfect lunch for me.
Woolworths was the first shopping experience for a lot of kids who took their
allowance or whatever change they could gather. It introduced them to the world of
consumerism. It was around when shopping seemed like a treat.
George Eastman
Rolled Film 1884, Kodak Camera 1888
Web Perfecting Press
“First in Flight” Kitty Hawk, NC
1903; 120 feet  1905 24 miles  1920 airmail
“Father of Skyscrapers”
Louis Sullivan
1856-1924 “Father of Modernism”
10 story Wainwright Building 1890-1891
St.Louis, Missouri
Frank Lloyd Wright 1867-1959
“organic style”, expansive,
open, horizontal
Daniel Burnham
“Make no little plans”
Flatiron Building 1902
NY, New York
Chicago as the “White City”
400th anniversary of Columbus’s first voyage
Frederick Law Olmsted Sr.
The worlds finest green spaces.
NY City, Central Park
Druid Hills
Ponce de Leon Ave.
Biltmore Estate, NC
Producer/director D. W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation (1915). Melodrama/epic
originally premiered with the title The Clansman in February, 1915 in Los Angeles,
California, but months later was retitled for its world premiere in New York. The film was
based on former N.C. Baptist minister Rev. Thomas Dixon Jr.'s anti-black, 1905 bigoted
melodramatic staged play,
“Landmark Am. film masterpiece”