Modern Marketing Experience North America 2016 Justification

Modern Marketing Experience North America 2016 Justification
Modern Marketing Experience North America 2016
I’d like to attend Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Modern Marketing Experience 2016 April 26-28 at the MGM
Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This premier marketing event will offer three days of best practices,
training, advanced technologies, and networking with an innovative community of digital marketers.
Throughout the conference, I can attend sessions that are directly applicable to my work in marketing and
driving our revenue growth.
Modern Marketing Experience is the ideal way to ensure that we’re getting the most from our Oracle
Marketing Cloud investment. The first day is dedicated to training: not only on product capabilities but
also marketing best practices. The rest of the conference features sessions with thought leaders, Modern
Marketers, and Oracle Marketing Cloud experts. Attending these sessions will give me the opportunity to
learn and replicate their successful methods at our organization.
Here are three projects where we could see immediate business benefits:
 [add project or initiative]
 [add project or initiative]
 [add project or initiative]
This will also give me a chance to meet and work directly with our other technology providers. The
Welcome Reception and Product Fair will feature a number of Oracle Marketing Cloud technology
partners, where I can discuss the latest alternatives and pick up new ideas to drive better productivity.
Here is an approximate breakdown of conference costs:
$400 (round trip within US)
$60 (round trip taxi from airport to hotel)
$376 (2 nights $188 per night)
Conference Pass:
$999 (Super Early Bird)
$1,835 USD
I’m currently working on ways to reduce expenses, including airfare specials, hotel discounts, ride
sharing, and meals with vendors. This conference should deliver a great ROI. I’ll learn how to implement
and use the latest features and see what’s planned for the future. I’ll also develop better contacts with
marketing leaders and gain knowledge in specific areas of Modern Marketing, including strategies to
create engagement, orchestrate customer experiences, connect data, and tap into innovation. This will
pay off in exposure to streamlined practices, proven solutions, and a network of experts.
I will submit a report post-conference that will include executive summary, major takeaways, tips, and a
set of recommended actions to maximize our current investment in Oracle Marketing Cloud. Additionally,
I can share relevant information with key personnel in marketing, sales, IT, and the executive team.
Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.