Lexical Word

Session 3
Writing Moderation L3
Look at examples of writing. Agree in your
groups whether they are high, secure or low
Language Quiz!
The smallest unit of meaning.
Suffixes and prefixes are morphemes.
Morpheme Count
A word may consist of :
• One morpheme (house)
• Two morphemes (house/s; hous/ing)
• Three or more morphemes (house/keep/ing;
Lexical Word
Words which are not function words are
called content words (or lexical words):
these include nouns, verbs, adjectives, and
most adverbs.
E.g. The CAT SAT on the MAT.
Function word
A word expressing a formal or grammatical
Inflected Ending
Modifies form of word to express a particular
grammatical function or attribute, e.g.
past tense
Comma Splicing
• A comma splice is a sentence in which two
independent clauses are joined by a comma
with no conjunction. For example:
– It is nearly half past five, we cannot reach town
before dark.[1]
Noun Phrase
A wider term than “noun”…
A lot of money
My younger sister
A new car
The best team in the world
Coordinating Connectives
and, but, or and so
These join and are placed between two
clauses of equal weight.
Do you want to go now or shall we wait
Leading and managing
the implementation
of APP
Session 4
Assessment for Learning Strategy
• Forms a significant part of the
Government’s commitment to
developing personalised learning
and improving rates of
• Support schools in using
assessment to improve provision
• Improve the quality of the
assessment process
Assessment for Learning Strategy
Aims to ensure that :
• every child knows how they are doing, and
understands what they need to do to improve and
how to get there;
• every teacher is equipped to make judgements
about pupils’ attainment and knows how to use this
assessment to plan next steps in learning
• every school has in place structured and
systematic assessment systems
• every parent and carer knows how their child is
doing, what they need to do to improve.
Primary Timeline For Implementation of AFL/APP
What steps have you taken to develop
the use of the APP materials in your
Currently, what
are the
What do you
perceive as the