Computer main parts

Computer main parts
The term hardware refers to all physical parts of a computer system
components are: electrical, electronic, electromechanical and mechanical.
Are cables, cabinets or boxes, peripherals of all kinds and any other physical
element involved. Translation into Spanish does not have a consistent
meaning for that reason it has been adopted as it is and sounds; the Royal
Spanish Academy defines it as "Set of components that make up the material
part of a computer
The computer monitor or computer screen is the primary output device (interface), showing
data or information to the user.
It can also be considered an input / output if the monitor has a touchscreen
A printer is a computer peripheral device that enables a continuous range of text or graphics
of documents stored in an electronic format on physical media by printing, normally on
paper using ink or laser technology (toner).
Many printers are used as peripherals, and are permanently attached to the computer by a
cable. Other printers, called network printers have internal network interface (typically
wireless or Ethernet), and can serve as a device to print on any documents to any network
RAM all instructions running in the central processing unit (CPU) and other computer units
are loaded. They are called "random access" Because you can read or write to a memory
location with a timeout same for any position, NOT necessary to follow an order to access
(sequential access) to information as Quickly as possible
the keyboard, a peripheral used to enter data into a computer or computer
the keyboard, a peripheral used to enter data into a computer or computer
The sound is transmitted through sound waves, in this case through the air.
The ear captures these waves and transforms them into nerve impulses to the
brain and become signs that identify with things like music, sounds
is the component of computers and other programmable devices that
interprets instrucines contained in the programs and processes data.
propociona CPU core programmability carasteriscas digital computer. and
primary storage devices and input and output devices
Is the logical equipment or software of a digital computer comprising the
necessary software components that make it possible to perform the specific
It is a software that allows us to communicate in text, voice, and video over
the Internet. It was created in 2003 by the Dane Janus Friis
is a popular program to produce DVD, CD that runs on Microsoft Windows and
Linux created by the company Nero
It is an American multinational company founded on April 4, 1975 by paul
allen bill gates dedicated to computer sector. Develops, manufactures,
produces software and electronic equipment
Facebook is a social networking website created by Mark Zuckerberg and
Eduardo Saverin founded with the February 4, 2004.