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DRAFT - School of Information Technology Community Outreach
Random Hacks of Kindness
Project Description:
Experience- the one word that can make or break your job interview…
The Kaplan University School of Information Technology has partnered with the non-profit organization,
Random Hacks of Kindness initiative (RHOK), to give students an opportunity to gain valuable experience
during 2013.
What is RHOK?
RHOK is a global community of innovators dedicated to building open technology to improve the world.
School of Information Technology Participation:
Be a team player
A team of Kaplan University students from both the undergraduate and graduate programs will create a
web-based decision tree tool whose compatibility with all browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and
Opera) on all browsing devices allows small business owners to find quick, simple, and free solutions to
their information security problems. The tool will be easily accessed and used via a web browser, thus
minimizing IT expertise required of the small business owner.
Soft launch Date: August 15, 2013
Final Launch Date: October 1, 2013
Student Benefits:
Voluntary, but valuable
Participation in the RHOK project is on a volunteer basis but will benefit you too.
 Work with interesting people to meet a common goal;
 Opportunity to gain field experience through real world project structure and management
o Learn to follow a detailed project plan with explicit deadlines and timelines for milestones
o Showcase ,improve and develop technical skills based on area of interest or expertise
o Hone non-technical skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork
 Strong resume builder that showcases not only technical skills but also work with an
internationally recognized non-profit organization
Receive guidance and mentorship from Kaplan University faculty and peers
Faculty Commitment:
Faculty will oversee and work closely with students to plan, execute and deliver solutions.
Student Opportunities and Areas of Participation:
1. Information Security Area
Team with a minimum of three subject matter experts in Information Security. Team requirement: 30
hours per week.
Purpose: To provide feasibility and gap analysis and functional requirements for the first two modules
in terms of content.
2. Web Design
Team with a minimum of two Web designers that understand rich user interface design.
Human Computer Interaction is a plus. Team requirement: 20 hours per week.
Purpose: To design the user interface for the functional specification (wireframe) and for the actual
system. To include web design project management, implementation and testing.
Students from Teams 1 and 2 will produce a functional specification for stakeholder sign-off.
3. Database Design
Team with a minimum of two database designers that are familiar with mySQL: Team requirement: 20
hours per week.
Purpose: To design the database for the system which includes design, implementation and testing.
4. Web Development
Team with a minimum of two web developers that have serverside LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL
and PHP) experience along with, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML experience. Team requirement: 20
hours per week. Purpose: To design, implement and test dynamic website.
5. System Testing and Quality Assurance
Team with a minimum of three students who are interested in system testing and quality
assurance (QA). Team requirement: 20 hours per week. Purpose: To perform testing and QA as
functional pieces of the system are finished.
Non-Technical Testing
Team with a minimum of three students that are not technical. Team requirement: 20 hours per
week. Purpose: To provide feedback as parts of the system are finished.
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