Yumigo! South Australian Summer Trail Series
Race 1 Anstey Hill
Short Course 8km
Long Course 13km
December 13 2015 7.30am
Welcome to the third running of the Yumigo! SA Summer Trail Series! With a record number of
runners – more than double last year’s entries – it’s going to be the best year yet. So thank you
for your entry and we here at Yumigo! really look forward to putting on a great event for you.
Our biggest news this year is that runners will be timed electronically throughout the series for
the first time. The timing will be provided by Malcolm Robertson and his team at Event
Strategies. Malcolm also times our Adelaide 24 Hour event so we know he will provide a
second-to-none service. This will enable results to be uploaded in very short time; not just
results from the event itself but also the current results of the overall and age group Series
We also have a new venue for Race 2, with the event to be held at Cleland Conservation Park.
Race 3 at O’Halloran Hill will be back as our “Valentine’s” Trail event (yes that will mean
chocolates all round!). And of course the Series finale will once again be held at Newland Head.
The information that follows is intended to be a comprehensive guide to this event. So have a
read through and if you have any further questions please let me know.
0447 550 010
1. Course Map
A larger copy of this map can be found here
The Start/Finish point is just east of the intersection of North East Road and Perseverence Road.
The course will be well-marked with red-and-white tape and directional arrows, as well as
“Wrong Way” markers, so you should be able to navigate around the course without looking at
the map. So if you are new to trails or directionally-challenged, this Series will cater to you!
2. Parking
The Tea Tree Gully Hotel has again very kindly given us permission to utilise their carpark for
our event. HOWEVER parking will be limited; it is on the proviso that we park down the bottom
corner of the carpark, to allow patrons of the Hotel priority. So please take note of the map
below and park accordingly. It is very important that we respect their wishes as, if we don’t, this
jeopardises chances we have of reaching the same agreement in the future.
There is also parking along North East Road and Haines Road.
Please remember that, as this is an “urban” trail series, we will be moving around within a
residential area on a Sunday morning. It is up to us to keep the noise down (slamming car
doors, shouting etc) to cause as least disruption as possible to residents.
And take care crossing the roads.
3. Registration
Number collection is from 6.00am. Please arrive as early as possible to allow time for this
process as the event will be commencing at 7.30am sharp. There are no entries on race day
unless by prior arrangement.
This year the registration process will be different from past years due to the electronic timing.
The process will be:
1. Find your name and race number on the name list on the board (your bib and chip
number will be the same)
2. Proceed to the next point to collect your bib
3. Proceed to the next point to collect your timing chip
Chips are to go on your LEFT ankle. Chips are NOT disposable and MUST be returned after the
event. Any lost chips will incur a replacement cost payable by the entrant.
Race bibs are also not disposable, and must be returned after the event. All returned bibs go in
the mix for a random draw prize.
Then it is very important to complete the process with this next step:
IMPORTANT: Phytophthora Cinnamoni Prevention
Once you collect your number you will then be then required to scrub your running shoes with
one of the provided brushes and lightly spray them with a bottle of methylated spirits, also
PC (or “root-rot”) is an organism that infects and kills native plants. As runners we can
inadvertently be part of the problem by spreading the virus via our shoes and moving through
the park. It is a condition of the Park Ranger that all runners treat their shoes prior to starting
the event. The metho mixture (one part metho to nine parts water) will not cause any damage
to your running shoes.
4. Toilets
Given the increase in numbers this year we will be providing two portable toilets at the race
venue. However to save yourself time you may want to stop off at a service station along the
way. There are also 24 Hour public toilets available at the below location:
5. Aid stations
There will be two aid stations on the course; one near the Start/Finish (for the Long Course
runners) and the other at the Newman’s Nursery Ruins, which is about 3km from the Start. At
the Newman’s Nursery Ruins station there will be hydration options (water and electrolyte) and
at the station near the Start/Finish there will also be fruit and lollies. All of these items will also
be available at the Start/Finish. Cups provided.
Runners who are fairly new to trail running may also want to consider bringing a bottle to carry
with them, or a hydration pack.
6. First Aid
First aid will once again be provided by the very experienced staff from First In Sports First Aid,
who will be stationed at the Start/Finish.
If you are carrying your mobile phone with you during the event it may be prudent to save
Ben’s number (0447 550 010) in case of emergency.
If you do find yourself in trouble during the event, the important thing to remember is to stay
calm. You are not far from help at Anstey Hill. You can either call Ben direct, or ask another
competitor to go ahead and ask for help. Remember that it may be closer to go back to the aid
station behind you. We will have a 4wd in the Park so it won’t take long to reach you, wherever
you are.
As a competitor who sees another in trouble, it is your responsibility to render all the assistance
that you can.
7. Points system
A feature of the Trail Series is the opportunity for entrants to increase their strength and
endurance across courses that are accessible and fun. In recognition of the consistent
performers a points system has been devised to track and reward the placings of each entrant
either overall or within their age-group. The prizes will be awarded as such:
On the day: Medals for overall top three males and top three females for both Courses
End of the series: Trophies for overall top three male and female performers and winners of
each age group category for each Course across the series.
The age groups are (for both male and female):
U20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79
Your age will be taken as at December 13 2015.
Overall placings on the day will be assigned:
1st 4 points
2nd 3 points
3rd 2 points
4th onwards 1 point
Age group points will also be scored as such. So you will essentially be assigned two lots of
points at each event: Overall and Age Group. Results will be uploaded to and will also be
posted to the Yumigo! website by the Wednesday after each event.
1. You must compete in at least two events of the Series to qualify for overall Series prizes;
2. You are allowed to run a combination of Short and Long Courses in the Series. Your
overall placing will be allocated to the Course that you compete the most in. For
example, if you do 3xShort Courses and 1xLong Course, your overall placings will be in
the Short Course division (so the Long Course placing does not count for overall prizes).
If you run two of each, then your overall Series placings will be allocated to the type of
Course you ran in Race 1. For example if you compete in the Short Course twice and the
Long Course twice, and you ran the Short Course at Anstey Hill (Race 1), then you will be
eligible for overall Series placings in the Short Course only;
3. In cases where runners take wrong turns which affects their place in the field, and the
misdirection is overwhelmingly found to be the fault of the course markings or race staff
instruction, a “no result” for that event will be called. All competitors will still receive 1
point to go towards their overall series standing. Note that a significant number of
runners must make the same error for there to be deemed a “no result”.
Each year we learn more and more on how to avoid any misdirection. Yumigo! is organised by
runners and we dislike with a passion going off-course, let alone making others do the same.
With new types of markers for this Series our aim is to make every course misdirection-free!
8. Random draws
In more big news for the Series this year, every entrant will receive a showbag after they
finish. In the showbag will be some advertising as well as some products.
FURTHER, a number of these bags will have some surprises in them, in the form of running
buffs from last year’s Trail Series (a very good quality product!), running socks and some Brooks
tote bags. There will be eight buffs per event, one pair of running socks and four tote bags so
your odds are reasonably good at picking up an extra prize.
For the bigger ticket items in the random draw you will need to hang around after the event
(see below). The draw will take place at 9.30am or when the last runner is across the line.
Chris “Chicken” Chapman, from The Running Company, has once again generously offered
several discount vouchers per event.
It is a fantastic offer and we will be drawing the winners out of the box after each event.
Whether you win a voucher or not, be sure to visit Chicken at shop 3/278a Unley Road, Hyde
Park or his new store at 18 Gawler Street, Port Noarlunga. Chicken’s stores are favourites
amongst a huge number of runners here in Adelaide, for both roadies and trailies. And rightly
so with some great stock and all the staff having excellent product knowledge and a passion for
running. We here at Yumigo! are very happy to be working with Chicken and can’t recommend
his shops enough! So whether you need shoes, bladders, socks, gels and more, go check out
The Running Company.
We also have a very edible random draw prize or two too. Maurice Maffei will be baking some
of his world-famous brownies and sealing them so that we may award a batch or two to some
lucky runners in the random draw! Thanks Maurice!
And this year Maurice’s talented wife Sue is offering several of her unique homemade “Gators”
for random draw. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gators, they are an extremely useful
fabric fitting that wraps around your ankles and spreads over the tops of your running shoes to
keep stones, dirt and the like out. Sue’s Gators are VERY fashionable, and are a must-have trail
Other Sponsor News
Yumigo! is pleased to announce our continuing partnership with Roof Rack City. Once again RRC
will be providing the gear van for all of the Trail Series events.
What does this mean for you? If you have been considering making extra room inside your car
for traveling (very appropriate for those who travel some distance to events) Roof Rack City in
Gilbert St Adelaide has you covered for this. However RRC specialise in lots more than just roof
racks. Do you need to transport your bike? Do you need a car awning for camping? Need some
marketing material made? The Yumigo!-branded marquee you will see at the events was
designed and ordered through RRC.
Their products are top-quality. If you’d like to go in for a look the staff there will do you a deal
as a runner in the Summer Trail Series. Jon from RRC will also be at the events so if you have
any questions he will be only too pleased to have a chat.
9. Merchandise
This year we have some very cool shirts and Trail Series Buffs as part of our range. The stock will
arrive for Race 3 at O’Halloran Hill now that I know what the demand is. I will be ordering extra
so if you or anybody you know would like another one or two just let me know.
10. Photos
Karina Cook from K Photography will be the official photographer for the Trail Series. Karina
took some great snaps at the Heysen 105km ultra in October and we are pleased to have her
back. The link to the photos will be emailed to all competitors after each event, as well as being
uploaded to the Yumigo! website.
I think that that about covers everything. If you have any further questions please do not
hesitate to contact me 0447 550 010 or
Otherwise I will see you all Sunday!