Renaissance Power Point




• Identify the values and ideas prized during the Renaissance

• Explain the impact of Humanism

• Analyze the importance of the printing press

Essential Question

• How did the Renaissance revolutionize European society?

From Dark Ages to



What was the Renaissance?

Rebirth – of art and learning

Where did it begin?

Northern Italy


1300 – 1600 A.D.

Why Italy during this time period?


Why Italy?

• Cosimo de’ Medici – lead banker of


• Classical heritage – Rome and Greek influences.

• Byzantine scholars fled to Italy bringing

Greek Manuscripts and influences

• Lack of Plague and war

Patrons of the Art

• Those who support the arts

• Included merchants, powerful families, and even the Church

• Why are patrons significant?

Classical and Worldly Values

Worldly Pleasures

• Humanist suggested that people can enjoy life without offending God

• What sorts of things do we consider enjoyable?

• Secular – worldly and concerned with the here and now.

• In what ways can this philosophy change society?

Northern Europe

• What countries are considered Northern


• Recovering from Bubonic Plague and War

• Idea of Human dignity = social reform based on Christian values

New Ideas

New Artistic Styles

• Sculpting statues, painting important people, and three dimensional painting

• Perspective – three dimensional painting

• Humanistic art forms

• How can art impact politics, economics, and culture?

Who are the artist?

Leonardo da Vinci

• Painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist

• “Renaissance Man”

• Studied the human body

Last Supper

Mona Lisa


Human Body


School Of Athens



• Painter and Sculpture

Sistine Chapel


Renaissance Writers


• writing in native languages

• Wrote to express themselves or to portray the individuality of their subjects

• How can writing in local languages help change government?

Niccolo Machiavelli

• Wrote the Prince – examines the imperfect conduct of humans

• Examined how a ruler can gain power and keep it in spite of his enemies

• Ruler must be deceitful and strong in order to do what is good for the state

• Agree? Or Disagree?

• Product of vernacular?

Christian Humanist

Humanist that gave their ideas a Christian theme

Why combine Christianity with humanism?

Desiderius Erasmus

• wrote Praise of Folly

• Believed that in order to improve society everyone should study the Bible

Thomas More

• wrote Utopia

• imaginary land inhabited by peacefulloving people.

William Shakespeare

• Greatest playwright of all time

• Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, A

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Elizabethan Age

• Renaissance in England – named after

Queen Elizabeth I

• Patronized the arts

• Wrote poetry and very well-educated

• Is it important that our leaders follow the trends?

Printing Press

• Johann Gutenberg – Invented the printing press in 1440’s

• Printed Gutenberg Bible - first full size book printed with movable print

• People began to interpret the Bible themselves which led to criticism of the church

• What form of technology can we compare this to today?