Study Guide

Study Guide for ”Barrio Boy” and “A Day’s Wait”
Grammar Connection: Plural Noun
1. There will be 20 multiple questions on
your test.
2. You will have 1 essay question which
will be worth 20 points. There are five parts
(4 points each) to the essay question.
3. Reread both stories for comprehension
(pages 80 – 91)
4. You will have to identify the correctly
spelled plural noun (6 questions).
5. You will have 12 multiple choice
comprehension questions or questions
comparing “Barrio Day” and “A Day’s Wait.”
(Reread the story and see page 33 in your
6. Make sure you know how to use your
vocabulary words in a sentence (2
questions). Vocabulary is found in the
margins throughout the stories and on page
34 in your workbook.