Building Safety Solutions

Douglas Drenkow
For over 25 years, I have designed, developed, and produced Web sites, Web apps, hybrid mobile
apps, desktop applications, and a variety of communications for major corporations, high elected
officials, local to national government agencies, prestigious universities, and respected professionals.
I developed and designed my portfolio – – with HTML5 and MP4 videos,
CSS3 and Mobile-First Responsive Web Design (RWD), JavaScript and jQuery, and PHP and MySQL.
As in I am currently working with AngularJS and Node.js, Bower,
Karma unit testing and Protractor end-to-end testing written in Jasmine, and Bootstrap.
I have also been studying SASS and LESS CSS-preprocessors, and Google’s Material Design and
Microsoft’s “flat” (vs. 3D “skeuomorphic”) design.
Building Safety Solutions, Pasadena, California, July 2011 to Present
Manager of Technology and Communications
Serves CEO of BSS, the world leader in customized online fire and life-safety training as well as
infrastructure-protection software for premier properties and major corporations worldwide.
Collaborates with property managers, security directors, chief engineers, IT directors, and others.
Designs and develops online and offline applications serving thousands of users at One World Trade
Center and other high-rises nationwide, Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building), Bank of America,
Google, Irvine Co., Sony Pictures, LAUSD, LAX, City of Los Angeles, and hundreds of other clients.
 Redevelops and redesigns Flash-based Web and desktop apps as HTML5 Web and mobile apps.
 Designed and developed company’s first (hybrid) mobile apps, with Apache Cordova / Adobe
PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, and Xcode for iOS and Android phones and tablets.
 Implementing Wowza transcoding of MP4s on Amazon EC2 Cloud server to HLS Adaptive Bit Rate
(ABR) streaming videos, from CloudFront distributions to players developed with API of JWPlayer.
 Designs and develops proprietary HTML5 video players, encodes/compresses Flash content as MP4s,
stores files in Amazon S3 buckets, and serves video from AWS CloudFront distributions globally.
 Designed and developed prototype of mobile text/e-mail–messaging system, customizing UI and
subscriptions to Amazon Simple Notification System (SNS) push-messaging service.
 Setting up Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, with Device Enrollment Program (DEP) in
Profile Manager of OS X server installed on iMac, for secure B2B distribution of custom iOS apps.
 Designs and develops front end of mobile apps with token-based authentication and AJAX-based
dynamic content, integrating XMLHTTPRequests, JSON data, and API for RESTful Web services.
 Redesigned UI and redeveloped ActionScript 2.0-based Flash-player of top-selling product, using
JSON-connector to RESTful Web service, to win company’s biggest contract ever, with Irvine Co.
 Hand-coded JavaScript and extensive, unforgiving XML to convert proprietary ActionScript 2.0 /
Flash-based software to SCORM 1.2–Compliant programs for Learning Management Systems (LMSs).
 Uses HTML5 and CSS3 to customize company’s Web apps with UIs matching clients’ Web sites.
 Redesigned and redeveloped company Web site,; supervises current
development of Responsive Web Design (RWD) with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and PHP on WordPress.
 Mentoring young, “tech savvy” Sales associate in developing with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.
200 East Anaheim Street, Apt. 513
Long Beach, California 90813
Douglas Drenkow
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Developed standalone and online HTML5 demonstrations of Flash-based products, taught Sales
team how to manage WordPress sites of demos and new company Web site.
Works with and manages company installations of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), including latest and
previous versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Acrobat, and Media Encoder.
 Uses FTP, Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), and SSH to connect to Demo and Production servers.
 Writes and executes queries against MS SQL Server database in support of back-end engineers.
 Re-implemented Tortoise SVN versioning-control system for company’s proprietary work product.
 Designed, implemented, and maintains scheduled and special backups of critical company data.
 Maintains and manages upgrades of server and client machines in Local Area Network (LAN),
including Active Directory and DHCP in Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, Symantec Endpoint
Protection, and Microsoft Office 365; transitioned clients from Windows XP to Windows 7 Pro.
 Manages Rackspace e-mail accounts – domains, mailboxes, aliases, IMAP clients, and Webmail.
 Implemented Project Management system; tracks issues as with Jira or Trello; collaborates
successfully with diverse team members via clear, continuous personal communication.
 Helped develop product lines for new markets, by strategizing with CEO and vice presidents.
 Edits corporate communications, including strategic correspondence from CEO and sales executives.
 Managed company’s e-mail campaigns using iContact; advises on social media strategy and tactics.
 Edited company’s marketing and training videos; uses Adobe Premier Pro CC video-editing software.
 Designed, redesigned, and supervised production of marketing collateral: one-sheets, packets, etc.
Drenkow Media, Arcadia, Hollydale, and Pasadena, California, April 1996 to December 2011
Designer, Developer, and Producer of Digital, Traditional, and Multimedia Communications
 Subcontracted as front-end developer for full-service design firm and interactive agency; worked
with designers and developers to implement extensive customizations of high-end WordPress sites.
 Since 2000, developed scores of Web sites – for retail and B2B businesses, professionals, talk shows,
nonprofit organizations, and civic leaders – and accounted for IE and other browser inconsistencies.
 Consulted on social media, SEO, and online branding for small businesses and professionals.
 Developed e-mail templates and managed e-mail campaigns, as with iContact and MailChimp.
 Integrated e-mail sign-up forms in Web sites, and PayPal donation links in Web sites and e-mails.
 Implemented Google Analytics, other Webmaster Tools, and XML site maps to track site visits.
 Hand-coded original RSS and Atom newsfeeds for desktop and Web-based feed readers.
 Created iTunes podcasts and listings, YouTube channel, eBay listings; edited Wikipedia entries.
 Created audio and video demos on CDs and DVDs as well as online archives to promote talk shows.
 Shot, edited, and posted in YouTube videos of political events etc. with thousands of views.
 Served as line producer and art director for pre-production of independent feature film.
 Produced animated 16 mm educational film and humorous animated Super 8 shorts.
 Learned concepts of design as internationally recognized portrait painter.
 Designed and produced printed marketing collateral, online and offline display ads and banner ads,
custom-printed merchandise; consulted on TV backdrop for photo-op by Governor of Washington.
200 East Anaheim Street, Apt. 513
Long Beach, California 90813
Douglas Drenkow
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 Served as associate producer for talk shows on radio and cable TV hosted by Barry Gordon, former
longest-serving president of Screen Actors Guild.
 Booked best-selling authors, national political figures, and entertainers on weekly basis;
“brainstormed” with Barry to develop timely show topics.
 Edited text of Web sites for business consultants, psychologists, and intellectual property attorneys.
 Edited and e-mailed e-newsletters about teamwork, leadership, and strategic management from
respected business consultants to thousands of C-level executives et al. in business and nonprofits.
 Co-wrote business plans, sponsorship proposals, and marketing materials to promote talk shows.
 Analyzed cable TV franchise agreements nationwide for successful community access negotiations.
 Wrote simulated medical research protocol with Univ. of Rochester Medical Center format.
 Wrote layperson’s user guide for complex Drupal content management system.
 Rediscovered World War II operational data for successful pilot plant of new biofuels technology.
 Served as one of 24 analysts in Web-based forum of 3500 participants throughout California
considering health care reform options and reporting to governor, legislature, and mass media.
 Conducted complex statistical and other research into breaking news stories for talk shows.
 Conducted investigative newspaper journalism for large-circulation Southern California weeklies.
D.E.D. Electronic Publishing, Arcadia, California, August 1988 to December 1999
Creator and Publisher of Ground-Breaking, College-Level Educational Software
Researched, wrote, designed, programmed, and published educational databases – including some
of the first software in the Scientific Publications Catalog of the Entomological Society of America.
Received “excellent” reviews from CHOICE, a publication of the American Library Association.
Sold to Yale, American Museum of Natural History, USDA, S.C. Johnson & Son, and many others.
Penetrated market worldwide, as through distributors and resellers in the United States and Europe.
Hand-coded original GWBASIC Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs) reportable on
almost all DOS platforms (PCs); now uses PHP, phpMyAdmin, and MySQL for database development.
Cross-referenced tens of thousands of pieces of data – with text-based pre-cursors to hyperlinks.
Unearthed and organized hundreds of copyright-free U.S. government and 19th Century illustrations.
University of California, Davis
Bachelor of Science with Highest Honors in Plant Science
Excelled in Math (including Calculus and Advanced Statistics), the Physical and Biological Sciences,
and a well-rounded education.
Received National and University Honors: National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship
Winner, 99th Percentile on Graduate Record Examination in Biology, 97th Percentile on GRE in
Quantitative Aptitude (Mathematics), Regents Scholarship, and Special Citation from Chancellor.
200 East Anaheim Street, Apt. 513
Long Beach, California 90813