Acid Rain

- Rain or precipitation with a pH lower than 5.6
- Normal rain water has a pH lower than 7
- Carbon dioxide dissolves in water to form carbonic acid
-Carbonic acid ionizes
water to form
hydronium ions
Oh NO!
-Electricity generation, factories and motor vehicles
-Burning of fuels
-High temperature causes sulphur to react with oxygen to
produce sulphur dioxide
-High temperature causes nitrogen to react with oxygen to
produce nitrogen dioxide.
- Gases dissolve in water
to produce acids
-Volcanic eruption that emits acid-producing gases
like sulphur dioxide.
-Dimethyl sulphide oxidized by phytoplanktons in oceans
to produce sulphur dioxide
-Sulphur dioxide dissolves in
water to form sulphuric
- wildfires
• Affect the soil
-some of the organism do not adapt to
such a acidic habitat
- the acid rain makes some forests have
been growing more and more slowly
• The aquatic animals
- some aquatic organism cannot bear the
acidity of the water caused by the acid rain
and this greatly affects their living.
-Sulphuric acid in polluted precipitation
interferes with the fish's proficiency to take
in oxygen, salt, and nutrients
• The rock and man-made materials
-acid rain also damages man-made
materials and structures
- toxic gases may even be released and
this posts a threat to our human’s health
• About the sulphur dioxide
-use low sulphur-content coal
• -Use Scrubbers
~ The sulphur dioxide gas reacts with the
lime to produce a solid of calcium
Photos of scrubber
• About the nitrogen oxides
- installation of catalytic converters
~This converts nitrogen oxides, carbon
dioxides and unburned hydrocarbons into
a cleaner state to reduce the oxides of