Power Class Schedule
Introduction, Syllabus, discuss schedule, projects, behavior expectations.
Bookwork (7 weeks)
Ch. 1 Small Engine Safety
Ch. 2 Tools
Ch. 3 Threads
Ch. 4 Fasteners
Unit 1 BOOK “Heat Engines”
Ch. 5 Four Stroke Cycle Engines
Ch. 6 Two Stroke Cycle Engines
Ch. 7 Small Engine Classification
Ch. 8 Lubrication
Ch. 9 Spark Plugs
Ch. 10 Ignition
Ch. 11 Fuel System
Ch. 12 Engine Overhaul
Unit 9 BOOK “Service, Troubleshooting”
Unit 12 BOOK “Career Opportunities”
Power Portal (Briggs and Stratton) *** Interchangeable with Ch. 1-12***
Four Cycle Theory, Compression, Ignition, Fuel, Governor, “Find motor info”
With Assigned Partner: disassemble, service and reassemble vertical or horizontal motor.
(2 wks)
Complete New style motor. (2 wk)
Bring in your own motor to work on. (5 wks)
Electronics (2 wks)
Solar Power, Electrical Theory and Circuits (1 week)
Car Engine overhaul? Ongoing through the semester?