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Topic Analysis
Examine the Terms
Define them
How do they relate?
Topic Analysis
Consider the Intent
What is the scope?
What is the direction?
What is it asking the speaker to define, explain, and establish?
Topic Analysis
Selecting the best topic
Persuasive: Do you understand the question well enough to
develop a clear position
Informative: to detail significant information
Link the attention-getter to the topic
State the topic question verbatim
Justify the importance of your topic to the audience
Let the audience know why it deserves examination and/or why you
chose this topic
Preview the divisions of your response or speech.
Types of Attention-Getters
Make sure the relevance of your attention-getter is clear
throughout the speech
Visual imagery
Statistic or example
Humorous anecdote
Personal story
References to current or historical events
Rhetorical questions
No particular organizational pattern is “best”
Choose the pattern AFTER you get the topic.
Analyzing the topic involves crystallizing the reasons for a
specific answer to a topic.
More experience = More creative organization
Topical Organization
Especially good for certain types of informative speeches
Topic: What challenges does Greece
Topic: Africa’s AIDS crisis: What should
be the international response?
I. Economic challenges
a. Debt crisis
b. Eurozone
c. Austerity measures
I. Medical assistance
a. Personnel
b. Medicine and treatment
c. Facilities
II. Social challenges
a. Political identity
b. Corrupt government practices
c. Unemployment rates
II. Economic assistance
a. Caring for dependents
b. Rebuilding ravaged
c. Education programs
Chronological Organization
Arranged by sequence of events in time.
Topic: What are the latest developments in
Topic: Has America battled racism
Origin of controversy
a. Demand for release of political
b. Military presence in Damascus
c. Syria reported to UN Security Council
II. Opposition Organizes
a. Opposition meets in Istanbul
b. Formation of Syrian National Council
c. Arab League Initiative
III. International Pressure
a. Pressure from the UN
b. Nations formally recognize opposition
c. United States agrees to arm rebels
Civil Rights movement
a. Martin Luther King Jr.
b. LBJ and JFK
II. Affirmative Action legislation
a. Minority businesses
b. Employment
III. Leadership
a. Colin Powell
b. Condoleeza Rice
c. President Obama
d. Sonia Sotomayor
Spatial Organization
Arranged by geographical or spatial guidelines
Topic: How has the US used foreign policy
efforts to win the war on drugs?
Topic: How successful are recent United
Nation’s peacekeeping efforts?
I. Mexico
II. Colombia
III. Afghanistan
I. Ivory Coast
II. Haiti
III. Sudan
Pro-Con Organization
Presents both sides of an issue. If used in persuasive, it needs to clearly assert that
one side is valid and the other is invalid.
Topic: Gene therapy: What is the
Topic: Should mandatory drug testing be
implemented in America’s public schools?
I. Supporters (pro)
II. Opponents (con)
I. Arguments for mandatory drug testing
II. Arguments against mandatory drug testing
III. Defense of stronger position (assessment)
Status-Significance Organization
Topic: Who was Steve Jobs?
I. Status
a. Early life
b. Career
II. Legacy (significance)
a. Technological advancements
b. Cultural legacy
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Follows five steps: Attention, Need, Satisfaction,Visualization, and Action. Some suggest that “call to action” could be
adapted for informative speeches as “statement of significance”
Topic: How should the World Health Organization respond to the global AIDS
I. Introduction- Shocking statistics
II. Body
a. Need
i. Current problem
ii. Current solution
iii. Current failures
b. Speaker’s advocated solution outlining WHO’s actions
i. Individual
ii. World
III. Conclusion
a. Summary
b. Call to action
Unified Analysis
An analytical approach which requires the speaker to answer the question at the beginning of the speech and then arrange the speech
by specific reason.
Topic: Is debt relief effective for the Third World?
I. Introduction- Shocking statistics, Explain the significance of the topic
II. Body- Establish criteria that supports your stance.
a. IMF has poor reputation in area of relief
i. Poverty reduction strategies force reforms too fast
ii. Removal of trade barriers upsets Third World markets
iii. Legacy of IMF in Ecuador, Tanzania, and Argentina
b. Failure to address source problems plaguing the Third World
i. Corruption goes unchecked
ii. Social institutions remain poor
iii. Middle Class neglected
c. Unwillingness or inability of First World to provide aid
i. State of global economy
ii. Lack of incentive to help
iii. Desire to use debt relief as a tool of foreign policy
III. Conclusion- Restate topic, Summary
NOTE: Unified analysis is the most efficient way to meet persuasion requirements
and avoid irrelevant material.
Past/Present/Future Organization
Topic: Can peace be achieved between Israel and Palestine?
I. Past
a. Establishment of Israel
b. History of relations
II. Present
a. Current relations
b. International proposals for peace
III. Future
a. Proposed peace plans will work
b. Action should be taken
Problem-Solution Organization
Topic: How can the US best meet the needs of the poor?
I. Problems of the poor
a. Housing needs
b. Medical needs
c. Employment needs
II. Solution
a. Public housing
b. National health insurance
c. Job training and public works
“Big 3” Sources:
US News and World
Final Notes on Organization
Remember to choose an effective pattern of organization
for the topic you have chosen.
Remember to stay on topic!
Your Assignment
Choose the career field that you want to work in
Write a 5-7 minute speech explaining why this field
would be good for you and why you would be good for it.
Include an explanation of what you learned from talking to
someone who works in this field.
Presentations: Monday (10/21)