Tropical Ecology Course Pictures

Pitzer College Study Abroad
Costa Rica
Tropical Ecology
Fall 2005 Students among buttress roots of a Strangler Fig, approximately 200 years
old, Hacienda Baru
Fall 2005 Students
Hearty Look and Erica Helsen
sample stream waters in
secondary forest, North Trail
Creek, Firestone Property
Using the microscope, Daniel Ingroff, an
environmental studies/art major sketches
out stream organisms
Jake Mirbegian analyzes water samples
for nutrient levels
Matt “Go with the Flow” Berry
measures water flow at the
waterfall in the Quebrada Cacao
on the Firestone Property
Fall 2005 Students at the Waterfall, Quebrada Cacao,
Firestone Property
A bamboo bridge crosses over a
stream in the Secondary Forest on
the Firestone Property
Fall 2005 Students with Cristian
Velanciano, Farm Manager, in
secondary forest
Hearty Look uses a range finder to map Leaf-Cutter Ant trails on Firestone Property
David Goldman samples for
bacteria at stream head in primary
rainforest, Hacienda Baru
Erica Helsen samples sediment in primary rainforest, Hacienda Baru
David Goldman and our guide,
Pedro, in primary rainforest,
Hacienda Baru
A young lizard, a resident of the Program House, perches on Field Notes
Fall 2005 Class stands amidst a
300 year old “Ceibo” or Kapok
Rewarded with a view of a friendly three-toed sloth after a strenuous hike
Gus Porter and Jake Mirbegian
check out a Buttonwood
Mangrove, Parque Ballena Marino
Leaves and
flowers of a
A grasshopper perches on a palm outside the Program House
Cattle egrets and Boat-billed Heron roost in red mangrove trees
A “bolo”. A relict from preColumbian culture, in Palmar Sur
No one knows for sure why they
were formed by the ancient society
Isabel’s Birthday Party, Isabella Arguello is the Program Director