What is boxing Plato's shadow??


Chapter 1&2 (3)

Public Speaking Benefits

• Academic

– speaking skill

– Critical thinking

– Writing

– Campus involvement

• Career

– Interview

– On the job

• Personal

– Community engagement

– Confidence in social situations

Transactional Communication

• Sender

• Receiver

• Frame of Reference

• Message

• Channel

• Noise (internal, external, social, org., physio.)

• Context

In History…

• Public Speaking has been taught for thousands of years

• Greece & Rome

– Pub. Speaking played central role in education & civic life

– Aristotle’s Rhetoric still considered most important work on the subject to date!

– What is boxing Plato’s shadow??



– Adopt a listener-centered mindset

– Abide by the topic choice assigned by instructor

– Meet minimum time


– Use a simple thesis

– Have two main points in the body


– Incorporate one simple visual aid

– Use a brief narrative

– Cite research sources


– Practice

– Use a conversational tone

– Aim for eye contact with at least half the audience (all of the audience if you want an A!)

Stage Fright!!!

• Avoid a performance orientation (adopt a communication orientation)

– Focus on the needs of the audience

– Communicate

– Impart ideas on the audience

• Keep your audience in communicate mode, not performance evaluate mode

Tips for Nervousness

• Turn nerves into energy

• Be prepared

• Sleep and eat well

• Avoid caffeine

• Breathe deeply prior to speaking

• Take a walk

Understand yourself as a speaker

• Take note of the Table on the second page of the book…

• Also take note of Table 6.3

– Evaluate your Strategy, Structure, Support &


• Your manual also has self evaluation sheets

• Update your fears and solutions notes!