Claritas Boost For Bladon Jets

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Date: April 19th 2013
Release: Immediate
Adam Le Van, Bladon Jets UK Limited’s finance director and Iain Wright, managing
director of Claritas, with Bladon Jets’ prototype axial flow micro gas turbine.
Bladon Jets powers ahead with help
from HMRC and Claritas
Bladon Jets, the Coventry company developing a range of revolutionary micro gas
turbines, has been boosted by a fantastic £310,000 claim for Research and
Development tax relief, prepared and submitted by Claritas Tax.
Bladon Jets is 20 per cent owned by Tata and boasts a board of directors which
includes leading business figures such as Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover.
The company, based on the Seven Stars Industrial Estate in Whitley, is developing a
range of micro gas turbines which will be used in power generation and in the
automotive sector and intends to start manufacture in 2014.
In the power sector, micro gas turbines will be used to power generator sets with
outputs of between 10 and 20 kilowatts. Such generators can typically power
telecom masts or even be used to provide power to a small village in the developing
In the automotive sector, Bladon Jets' technology has already featured on the Jaguar
C-X75 electric hyper car which was designed to have a top speed in excess of
200mph while emitting a mere 28g CO2/km, less than a third of that emitted by a
Toyota Prius.
Bladon Jets' micro gas turbines would also be expected to recharge batteries rather
than powering the car directly and they are the ideal solution to the problem of 'range
anxiety' which prevents consumers from buying electric cars in any significant
volumes at present.
Bladon Jets made the claim for R&D tax relief following advice from Iain Wright,
managing director of Claritas Tax, the Midlands based tax boutique, who prepared
and submitted the claim to HMRC on the company's behalf.
Claritas worked with Bladon Jets’ engineers to document the technological
breakthroughs achieved so as to present them in a format designed to make it as
easy as possible for HMRC to understand and approve the claim.
Adam Le Van, finance director at Bladon Jets, said: "We are very grateful to Claritas
for their advice and support in securing such a massive cash injection. The funds
received have been reinvested in our research and development, enabling us to
refine the turbines and the production processes ready for full scale manufacture to
commence at the end of 2014.”
Iain Wright said: "We are delighted to have assisted an exceptionally innovative
company to achieve its objectives.
“The technology that Bladon Jets is developing should have massive environmental
advantages. It should also create very significant economic benefits for the UK since
the company expects to export most of its production to India, Africa and other
emerging markets.
“As far as R&D tax relief is concerned, I would emphasise that you do not need to
have people in white lab coats to be undertaking R&D. If your business is
developing new products or services, there is a good chance that it will qualify for
R&D tax relief.”
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