mass media corrected

“Anyone who tries to make a distinction
between education and entertainment
doesn’t know the first thing about either.”
Marshall Mc Luhan
Education and Media are integral part of learning.
They form a person and transform society.
Mass media is everywhere , it
has become a part of our daily life. The
media plays a dominant role in the
learning process. Mass media has
potential to shape personality, change
the way we perceive and understand
the world and our immediate reality.
 E TV
 Radio
 News papers
 Journals
 Movies
 CD/DVD’s
 Internet
 Social networking sites
The Education and Training
Voucher Program helps youth aging out of
foster care to make the transition to selfsufficiency and receive the education,
training and services necessary to obtain
employment. This program is designed to
help youth who were in foster care pay for
post-secondary education or training.
Radio is a powerful mass medium
used in education for disseminating
information, imparting instruction and
giving entertainment. Radio has the
power to bring the world to the
classroom and programme could be
presented as textbooks on the air
The importance of newspaper has
been increased greatly by the spread of
education. Education sharpens one’s
curiosity about events in distant lands
and also makes one conscious of the
necessity to maintain one’s reading
habits. In both respects the newspaper
appeals most, especially if one finds little
time to read books.
Journals are an incredibly flexible
instructional tool, useful across the entire
curriculum. While often used as a class
startup activity, it is used primarily to give
students an opportunity to speculate on
paper, confident that their ideas,
observations, emotions and writing will
be accepted without criticism.
Using movie is a resource in
experiential ways to teach content,
concepts, and skills, to provide relevance, to
meet the learning needs of all students and
to extend the learning process beyond the
classroom walls. Experiencing movie
promotes reflective practices , inquiry
based learning ,co operative learning ,
project-based learning which are woven
throughout the curriculum.
CD/DVD video will revolutionize teachers' access to
and ability to utilize video resources for teaching. It's
a revolutionary change because the digital
format gives the user a degree of access and control
over video presentation content never before possible.
CD/ DVD technology builds on the laserdisc concept
of instant accessibility to video segments by use of
frames and adds some cool options that enhance
lessons and help students become active learners.
Students are more likely to be active learners if
engaged in their work using CD/DVDs.
The Internet offers a unique opportunity to
use new educational materials that can link students'
activities in schools. On the curriculum side, such
materials should extend the demonstration,
simulation and information display capabilities of the
teachers while, on the personal side, they should
provide both individual and co operative project work
proposals for students, exercise and self-assessment
tools, optional information and advanced learning
and leisure resources.
Use of social media under the strict guidance
of teacher can help student to evaluate the quality of
information. After collecting the information,
students should be able to synthesize and present.
This process of creating, analyzing and evaluating
information with proper exposure in social media
helps student to develop critical thinking. In this
entire process, the role of teacher or the importance
of teacher is critical because they are the one who
guide their students in this process.
“Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela
Mass media has impact on different stages of
formal and informal education whether it is primary school,
technical institutions or in research. The choice of media has
a significant bearing on the quality of education
Mass media is a gift to education which in turn is a blessing to humanity.