Social Justice Speech Contest

Social Justice Speech Competition
This competition is geared to continue the theme of social justice by taking place immediately after the 3 rd annual
Social Justice Film Festival October 17 -20, 2012. Using the medium of a public presentation, students will have the
opportunity to inform the campus community about a social justice issue.
Guidelines for the Social Justice Speech:
Length, 4-6 minutes
Goal of the speech is to inform the audience about an issue related to social justice (see Topic Ideas
3. Speech should include information from 5 credible sources and be verbally cited in the speech
4. Speech should be organized using the following format:
a. Introduction (approximately 1 minute)
i. Attention getter
ii. Topic statement
iii. Preview of Main points
b. Body of speech (approximately 4-6 minutes)
i. 2-3 main points
c. Conclusion (approximately 30 seconds)
i. Review of Main points
ii. Concluding statement
5. Speakers may use visual aids and a computer with internet connections will be available during speech.
Guidelines for the Social Justice Speech Competition:
1. Preliminary Round I
a. Competitors will include:
i. one student selected from each participating COMM 1000: Public Speaking class
1. Each class has an average of 20-24 students
ii. One student per 20 presentations from the Open Speech preliminary round.
b. Day/Time
i. Public Speaking classes will be Presentation II (Oct. 4-Oct. 15)
ii. Open Speech preliminary round on October 10 th 2pm-4 pm in Elliot Union, Café Rouge
iii. All presentations will be video recorded
c. Judges will include Public Speaking teachers
2. Preliminary Round II
a. All student competitors who were chosen in Preliminary Round I will be randomly assigned to one
of five groups.
b. Two Public Speaking teachers will watch one of the five groups and select the top speaker to go
onto the finals.
c. Finalists will be contacted by October 19 th, 2012
3. Final Round
a. The top 5 students will present their social justice speech on October 24, 2012 (time/place TBA)
b. Judges will include faculty and staff across campus
c. Winners will be announced immediately following the presentation of the speeches.
The Sponsors: The American Democracy Project focuses on the development of informed graduates who are
committed to lives of engagement as citizens in our democracy. The creation and presentation of these speeches will
inform the campus community and illustrate how citizens are engaging in local, national, and global means to create
justice. The Department of Communication also supports students using any type of communication medium to
share their ideas and practice the art of communication. The creation and presentation of these speeches supports
these concepts we teach students to create and analyze within our discipline.
Judges Evaluation Form
Social Justice Speech
Name of Speaker: ____________________________________________________
Topic of Speech: ____________________________________________________
Intro and Conc.
Attention, introduce topic, relate to
audience, preview main pts; summary,
concluding statement
Body: main and sub points accomplish the
purpose, are well-developed, transitions
are used between points. Organization is
clear. Points are informative, not
Supporting Material:
specific, variety of types is used, sources
are cited orally, high quality, appropriate
for audience
Audience adaptation:
speaker relates topic to THIS audience
(college students) in very specific ways.
Adapted to audience knowledge, attitude,
and interest.
Delivery: Spontaneous, shows
enthusiasm, only brief notes are used.
Student does not read the speech.
Practice is evident.
PRESENTATION AID: the visual aid is
appropriate, is used appropriately,
and contributes to the purpose of the
Time: ________
Score: __________/100