AP US History - Summer Assignment

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AP US History
Pre-requisite: B or better in World History and Geography 1500 A.D. to Present or Honors
World History and Geography 1500 A.D. to Present
Expectations: This course provides a year-long college level survey course in US History. It would be
more accurate to call it “American Civilization” because in addition to the facts, figures, and wars of US
History, the student will learn the art, culture, songs, dress, and numerous other elements of American
societal development. Solid reading, writing, test taking skills and a desire to devote personal time to
homework and study are needed to be successful in “APUSH”.
Emphasis on themes developed by the AP College Board will be traced throughout the year and a long
time change that helped shape our present American culture will be studied. The themes include:
Work, exchange, and technology
Politics and Power
America and the World
Environment and Geography
Ideas, Beliefs and Culture
Please Purchase:
5 Steps to a 5 A.P. U. S. History - available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble - Please make sure it is the
2015 edition that matches the New Exam
Suggested reading list:
Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation, Joseph Ellis
1776, David McCullough
The Age of Jackson, Arthur M. Schlesinger
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Franklin
Battle Cry of Freedom, James McPherson
Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation, Cokie Roberts
Social Studies
Suffolk Public Schools
Honors to AP
Preparation Marks Success
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Any James River Plantation: Sherwood Forest, Shirley, Evelynton and Berkeley
First Landing State Park – Virginia Beach
Presidents Park – Williamsburg
In and around Washington, DC :
National Archives, US Mint, Museum of US History, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln
Memorial, FDR Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, The Capitol (Congress), The
White House, Mount Vernon, Gunston Hall, Gadsby’s Tavern
African American History Wax Museum – Baltimore, MD
NJ And Pennsylvania:
The Old Barracks in Trenton, NJ Washington
Crossing State Park, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania,
Independence Hall, Philadelphia, American History Museum,
Ellis Island, New York
Mystic Harbor, Connecticut,
Plymouth Plantation, Massachusetts, Boston:
Suggested websites:
Please Explore the AP US History Website from the college board and read up on the course overview,
description and test.
http://www.historyteacher.net/ - one stop research site!
www.apstudent.com – a helpful place to check out AP info!
Social Studies
Suffolk Public Schools
Honors to AP
Preparation Marks Success
Digital US History – great reference site for everything US!
Milestones in US History - timeline
APUSH Unit Notes – accompanies textbook
Lectures On Line – This site accompanies your Textbook
APUSH Question of the Day – daily practice for the multiple choice portion of AP Exam
Words to the Preamble - every student should have this memorized!
Founding Fathers Rap - - explains the Constitution!
Summer Assignment: - ALL MUST BE Neatly handwritten
I. Read the first 4 chapters in in the textbook, take notes for each chapter(format for notes
follows – please use 8/12 x 11 paper – minimum 3 pages per chapter), and define the
following terms:
The assignment is due your FIRST CLASS MEETING, Each DAY (not date) late is a 10 point
deduction. If you are unwilling to do this assignment, you MAY want to re-examine your
enrollment in this course.
(There will be an Open Book Test the second class meeting on this assignment)
1 – Exploration, Discovery, and Settlement, 1492-1700
1. North American Land Bridge
2. Iroquois
3. Renaissance
4. Compass
5. Printing Press
6. Ferdinand and Isabella
7. Protestant Reformation
8. Henry the Navigator
9. Nation – states
10. Christopher Columbus
11. Amerigo Vespucci
12. Papal line of demarcation
13. Treaty of Tordesillas (1494)
14. Vasco Nunez de Balboa
15. Ferdinand Magellan
16. Hernan Cortes
17. Francisco Pizarro
18. Conquistadores
19. Encomienda system
20. Asiento system
21. John Cabot
22. Giovanni de Verrazano
23. Jacques Cartier
Social Studies
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24. Samuel de Champlain
25. Father Jacques Marquette
26. Robert de la Salle
27. Henry Hudson
28. Joint-stock company
29. Father Junipero Serra
30. Virginia Company
31. Jamestown
32. Captain John Smith
33. John Rolfe
34. Pocahontas
35. Royal colony
36. Puritans
37. Plymouth colony
38. Separatists
39. Pilgrims
40. Mayflower
41. Mayflower Compact
42. Massachusetts Bay Colony
43. John Winthrop
44. Great Migration
45. Virginia House of Burgesses
46. Columbian Exchange
47. Aztecs
48. Incas
49. Roanoke Island
2 – The Thirteen Colonies and the British Empire, 1607–1754
1. Corporate colonies
2. Proprietary colonies
3. George Calvert, Lord Baltimore
4. Act of Toleration (1649)
5. Sir William Berkeley
6. Bacon’s Rebellion
7. Indentured servitude
8. Headright system
9. Slave trade
10. Middle Passage
11. Roger Williams
12. Anne Hutchinson
13. Antinomianism
14. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639)
Social Studies
Suffolk Public Schools
Honors to AP
Preparation Marks Success
15. Halfway covenant
16. New England Confederation
17. Metacom
18. King Phillip’s War
19. Restoration colonies
20. Quakers
21. William Penn
22. Holy experiment
23. Frame of Government (1682-1683)
24. Charter of Liberties
25. James Oglethorpe
26. Mercantilism
27. Navigation Acts
28. Dominion of New England
29. Glorious Revolution
30. Triangular trade
31. Calvinism
Essay Assignment
Choose ONE of the THREE Below and write a five paragraph essay using MLA
format. Be sure your Thesis statement is clear! This is to be TYPED. Please print
it out and send a copy via e-mail to your AP US History Teacher
1) Compare and contrast the ideas and influence of Jonathan Edwards and
George Whitefield.
2) How did the 1730s mark an important shift in colonial religious history?
3) Describe the trend in ethnic diversity in the English colonies between
1607 and 1775