Test on notes and the reading!! Study notes for American

Test on ______________________Study notes and the reading!!
Study notes for American Beginnings –
Who said we shall be a city upon a hil
Protestant Reformation-Who? What? When? Where?
In what countries was the Protestant religion strongest?
Who was Amerigo Vespucci? Martin Walseemueller?
Who established the settlement Roanoke and what happened to the colonist?
Who settled Jamestown?
What year did the Pilgrims come? The Puritans?
Define the following
Theocracy –Immigrate-Indigenous- Temperance – Emigrate –Predestinatio-Theology -Covenant- Patriarch –
Txt book pp. 1-18
Who crossed the land bridge many years ago?
What was written by the early French and Spanish explorers?
According to the book, by what has the American character been shaped?
How many Puritans had sailed to New England by 1640?
The founding of the New World was both a __________________and a _______________________venture.
Why was their theology a bit “fuzzy”?
What did the Mayflower Compact outline?
What is an example of their one sided and narrow view of the world? (an event in 1692)
Why was Harvard established?
Sir Isaac Newton compared God to a _____________________.
What fundamental difference was there between Rationalist and Puritans?
What Puritan minister introduced the small pox vaccine?
Whose biography is considered a masterpiece during the Age of Reason?
What is the best form of worship for a deist?
Plymouth Plantation pp. 26-33
What role did Bradford play in the colonization of the Plantation? (What was his title?)
What was the purpose his writing the history of the colony? (See background, p. 27)
What does plain style mean?
Questions about the content of the writing.
Mary Rowlandson pp. 38-45
What incited the war between the colonist and the Indians?
What was the purpose of her writing the narrative about her adventures?
How did the captivity narratives change with time?
Who was King Phillip?
What occasions does she see Divine Providence?
What is an allusion?
“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”
What time period is Jon Edwards writing his sermon? (Read Background information)
What college was Jon Edwards the president?
Why was he called the “last Puritan”?
What metaphors does Edwards use in the sermon?
Anne Bradstreet poetry
The Author to Her Book, - Hand out Here Follow Some Verses upon the Burning of Our House, July 10, 1666 – p.
Extended Metaphor
Background information on her life.
From “Of Plymouth Plantation”
Profane, haughty, execrations, reproved, constitution, sundry, confederates, comprised, relent, discourse
From A Narrative of the Captivity
wearisome, tedious, lamentable, entreated, plunder, melancholy, decrepit, savory, affliction, bewitching,
from “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”
provoked, appease, contrivance, inconceivable, omnipotent, abhors, abominable, ascribed, induce