To use as Flash Cards

The following document is a running list of vocabulary terms for the
Carbohydrate, Lipid and Protein unit for Biology. The unit is one of the larger
units and contains a lot of vocabulary to keep straight. In order the help the
students I have created this study option for home.
Key terms will be added as we introduce them in class- I will put the new
terms in a new chart to cut down on printing waste, but the same document
will be sent home each time.
A copy of this document will also be posted on my teacher website located
To use as Flash Cards:
1. Cut only on solid lines.
2. Fold the card on the dotted line and put a small piece of tape on
the open end to secure and make the flash card that should show
the definition on one side and the vocabulary word on the other.
To Use a Matching Activity:
1. Cut the chart apart completely by cutting on all lines.
2. Have your child mix up the cards and try to match the correct
definition with the correct vocabulary term.
(A second chart can be printed to act as a key)
Process where plants use sunlight, water, and
carbon dioxide to produce glucose and oxygen in
the chloroplast; process used by autotrophs to
create glucose
Cell Respiration
Process in the mitochondria that “burns”/breaks
down glucose (stored energy) and produces ATP;
used by ALL organisms to burn stored energy in
food molecules generating usable energy (ATP)
Reaction where energy is released to enable cells
to do work
Reactions where energy must be taken in for it to
occur, products have more energy than reactants
Primary “fuel” for ALL cells, stored energy that is
released to enable cells to make ATP
Cell’s “usable” energy; charged battery of the cell
Requires oxygen
Does not require oxygen
“self feeder”; makes food through photosynthesis
“Different feeder”; eat/consume other organisms
for food
A lower energy molecule that can be converted
into ATP by adding a phosphate; uncharged
Organelle where most of cell respiration occurs
Organelle where photosynthesis occurs