Quiz 1-Questions - Fleming County Schools

Computing Fundamentals
Computers and Computer Systems
Quiz 1
1) Who built the built the first Apple computer?
Answer: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
2) True or False? Many people consider the computer to be the single most important
invention of the 20th century.
Answer: True.
3) True or False? Machines like the UNIVAC and ENIAC were designed initially for use by
Answer: False. Machines like the UNIVAC and ENIAC were designed initially for use by
the military and government.
4) How does the computing power of the first IBM PC compare to computers today?
5) A computer __________ includes hardware, software, data, and people.
6) Answer: system
7) __________ is text, numbers, sound, images, or video.
8) Answer: Data
9) What is the difference between hardware and software?
10) What are the two operations that a computer performs?
11) Which type of computer is designed for one person to use at a time?
A. personal computer
B. server
Answer: A
12) Tiny chips embedded in dishwashers, bathroom scales, or airport radar systems are
classified as __________ computers.
A. general-purpose
B. special-purpose
Answer: B
13) True or False? Just about all computers, regardless of size, take raw data and change it into
Answer: True.
14) True or False? The __________ that the computer uses to process data are contained
within the system case.
Answer: components
15) Computers follow the __________ procedure—input, processing, output, and storage.
Answer: IPOS
16) The central processing unit (CPU), also called the microprocessor or central processor, is
the __________ of the computer.Answer: brains
17) True or False? The arithmetic/logic unit (ALU) is the boss of the CPU.
Answer: False. The arithmetic/logic unit (ALU) performs arithmetic computations and logical
18) True or False? The computer does not understand human language.
Answer: True.
19) A __________ is the smallest unit of information storage.
Answer: bit
20) True or False? Random access memory, or RAM, is considered short term memory.
Answer: True.
21) __________is the process of obtaining a program instruction or data item from RAM.
Answer: Fetching
22) What are the steps of the machine cycle? What factors affect the speed of the machine
23) What is the difference between RAM and ROM?
24) __________ is a nonvolatile, removable medium that uses integrated circuits.
A. Optical storage
B. Magnetic storage
C. Solid-state storage
D. None of the above
Answer: D
25) True or False? Most hard disks are used to store data inside the computer.
Answer: True.
26) True or False? A network drive is located on a computer other than the user’s local
Answer: True
27) What is a file allocation table?
28) True or False? You should hold DVDs at the edges.
Answer: True.
29) True or False? It is okay to remove media from a drive when the drive indicator light is
Answer: False.
30) Have any of your disks been damaged? If so, how did it happen? How can you prevent
future damage?
31) True or False? Wireless and mobile devices are not as common as wired desktop
Answer: False.
32) True or False? Computer literacy is the knowledge and understanding of computers and
their uses.
Answer: True.