Newton's Laws of Motion Review

Newton’s Laws of Motion REVIEW
State each of the following three laws of motion in your own words:
1. Newton’s 1st Law of Motion (Law of Inertia)
2. Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion (Law of Acceleration)
3. What is the formula for the Law of Acceleration?
4. Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion (Law of Action-Reaction)
5. Imagine a place far from all gravitational and frictional influences. Suppose that an astronaut in
that place throws a rock. The rock will:
A. Gradually stop
B. Continue in motion in the same direction at constant speed
6. In a series of controlled experiments, a student measures the force acting on a wheeled cart and
the cart’s acceleration. The student’s data is shown below.
Force (N)
Based on the recorded observations, what is the mass of the cart in kilograms?
a. 10 kg
b. 20 kg
c. 5 kg
d. 80 kg
7. Draw the triangle for F=ma
8. The tendency of an object to resist a change in motion is called ____________________.
9. An object accelerates in the direction that you push it. If you push twice as hard, it accelerates
twice as much. IF it has twice the mass, it accelerates half as much. This statement is:
a. Newton’s First Law
b. Newton’s Second Law
c. Newton’s Third Law
10. A 5 kg object is moving horizontally with a speed of 5 m/s. How much force is required to keep
the object moving at this speed and in this direction? (F=ma)
11. A 2000 kg truck and a 500 kg car are racing. The same amount of force is applied to each of
them. What will happen?
a. The truck will accelerate twice as fast.
b. The car will accelerate twice as fast.
c. The truck will accelerate four times as fast.
d. The car will accelerate four times as fast.
12. What force is required to move a 5 kg object at an acceleration of 8 m/s2? (F=ma)
Classify each of the following by the Law it demonstrates:
A. Law of Inertia
B. Law of Acceleration
C. Law of Action-Reaction
13. A dad can hit a baseball farther than his son _____________________________
14. A spaceship will continue on its present course even though the engines are all turned off
15. When a red light turns green, a car takes off faster than a school bus
16. When you release the air from a balloon, it flies upward _______________________________
17. When you shoot a gun, it kicks ___________________________________
18. It is harder to move a piano than a pencil ___________________________
19. You push on the ground in order to walk _________________________________
20. An 18-wheeler takes longer to stop than a motorcycle _______________________________
21. An astronaut in space sneezes and suddenly moves backwards
22. A remote-control car has a mass of 1.5 kg. Its electric motor accelerates the car at 6 m/s2. What
force does the motor provide? (F=ma)
23. A 2000N force causes an elevator to accelerate at 2 m/s2. What is the mass of the elevator?
24. A bow applies 25N of force to an arrow with a mass of 2 kg. What is the acceleration of the
arrow? (F=ma)
25. Two cars with different masses travel at the same speed down a hill toward a stop sign. What
will happen when both cars apply brakes at the same time to stop?
26. The force that pulls objects toward earth is called ______________________.
27. The force that one surface exerts on another when the two rub against each other is called
28. A push or a pull is called _______________________.
29. According to Newton’s third law of motion, when a hammer strikes and exerts force on a nail, the
a. Creates a friction with the hammer
b. Disappears into the wood
c. Exerts an equal force back on the hammer
30. If you are launching a rocket, the action force is the rocket pushing the gases down. What is the
reaction force?
a. The table pushing the rocket down
b. The gases pushing the rocket up
c. The gases pushing the rocket down
31. What are the units of Force? _______________________
32. Describe the motion of a person not wearing a seat belt if the car stops suddenly.
a. The person and car will stop together.
b. The person will stop faster than the car because they are lighter.
c. The car will stop and the person will keep moving forward because of inertia.
d. The car will stop and the person will speed up.
33. A change to an objects motion is caused by...
a. Balanced forces
b. Unbalanced forces
c. Acceleration
d. Velocity
34. This test paper is sitting at rest on your desk. Which of the following statements best describes
this situation?
a. There are no forces acting on your paper.
b. Your paper pushes on the desk only.
c. The desk pushes on your paper only
d. The forces acting on the paper are balanced
35. In which of the following examples is a skater NOT accelerating?
a. Going straight while speeding up
b. Going straight at a constant speed
c. Making circles at a constant speed
d. Going straight while slowing down
36. Air Resistance is the force that slows a man falling with a parachute. True or False?
37. A force of 20 N acts upon a 5 kg block. Calculate the acceleration of the object.
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