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Summer Scheduling Workshop
Jamie Sprague
Rocky Moran
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Denise Belanger
Sean Woods
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Summer Sessions
Summer Scheduling
Summer Scheduling Cycle
Three proof process
– 1st proof is copy of last summer
Schedule 25 run for primaries after 2nd proof; 3rd
proof for secondaries
STAR “released” to departments; courses can be
viewed in GOLD by students
After STAR is released, use SAF for changes
General Assignment Room Inventory
FWS rules still apply:
– The more media requested, the fewer
rooms possible in which the class may
be scheduled
Increased competition for prime times and
– Request minimum media necessary
General Assignment Room Inventory
Beginning Summer 2009...
Maintenance Program for
GA Classrooms will begin
Every summer, designated GA classrooms will be
painted, repaired, etc. Affected departments will
be notified prior to the start of summer
Department-Controlled Rooms
Any room that is not on the GA Room
Inventory (e.g., computer labs)
Departments must verify the room is
available for their use
The Office of the Registrar will not verify
that the room is available
Use the Curriculum Audit report to verify
courses scheduled in departmentcontrolled rooms
2009 Summer Sessions
June 22
July 31
Aug 3
Sept 11
June 22
Aug 28
June 22
July 10
July 13
July 31
Aug 3
Aug 21
Aug 24
Sept 11
All non-delayed-sectioning courses must have
assigned session or session dates
Days and Times
In fall, winter & spring there are two
standard class meeting schedules:
– 50 minute class meeting
(typically MWF classes)
– 75 minute class meeting
(typically TR classes)
But in summer…
Days and Times (cont.)
Standard time is 80
minute period MTWRF
“Prime Time” hours
listed in red
Courses that use two
or more time slots
should be scheduled
in non-Prime Time
Class Begins
Class Ends
(No Later Than)
8:00 AM
9:20 AM
9:30 AM
10:50 AM
11:00 AM
12:20 PM
12:30 PM
2:00 PM
3:20 PM
3:30 PM
4:50 PM
5:30 PM
6:50 PM
7:00 PM
8:20 PM
8:30 PM
9:50 PM
Prime Time Hours
Requests for these times are very impacted
Not all requests for these time periods can be
Have alternatives ready
Standard times are given priority when
scheduling into Prime Times
Minimum Contact Time
Minimum contact time is established by the Master
Course Approval (MCA)
The MCA also establishes the distribution of hours
(e.g., lecture only; lecture and discussion section,
To “convert” the time of a F/W/S course into a
summer course, begin by converting required course
hours into minutes
Each “hour” is equal to 50 minutes
Minimum Contact Time
Course Type
If MCA says…
= Minutes
Lower Division
Primary: 30 hours
Lower Division
(Lec/Discussion Section)
Primary: 30 hours
Secondary: 10 hours
Lower Division
(Lec/Lab Section)
Primary: 20 hours
Secondary: 40 hours
Upper Division
(Lecture only)
Primary: 30 hours
(Lecture only)
Primary: 40 hours
Minimum Contact Time (cont.)
Distribute minutes over number of days
and weeks for the appropriate session
See handout for sample exercises to practice
Many courses have contact times that
exceed the minimum per department
practice or faculty preference. Do not
change w/o consulting someone in the
Delayed Sectioning
Indicated on schedule proofs as
Will have generic “0100” section and one
enrollment code on proof and GOLD
A new section is created for the instructor and
session the student is enrolled in
– There is never enrollment in the generic EC.
Do not assign session or session dates to delayed
sectioning courses
Delayed Sectioning
See Handouts for Examples
Delayed Sectioning (cont.)
In GOLD, students enroll using the generic
EC# and instructor name
Students also need to select the correct
session from a pull down menu
Special Courses
Some courses are offered in coordination
with special summer programs. For
Travel-Study Programs
Language Institutes (Graduate Programs)
Courses may appear on your proof (or
STAR) even though you didn’t add them
Call Summer Sessions before altering
Schedule Alteration Form (SAF)
L&S Undergraduate Classes with enrollment
Same process as FWS*
Provide explanation of how and when the
students will be notified of day/time changes or
College of Engineering Classes
Same process as FWS*
Obtain Dean’s signature prior to sending to Office
of the Registrar
*Send to SS Office ATTN: Denise Belanger
Schedule Alteration Forms (cont.)
Session must be written in; there is no printed
field designated for this information
See Handouts for Example
Final Exams
Final exams are usually held on the last regularlyschedule class meeting
Beginning Summer 2009, instructors can opt for a
final exam period outside the last class meeting
Must be indicated on department’s Curriculum Plan
(check with your Business Officer)
Once courses are known, the Registrar’s office will
determine the most efficient way to schedule exams
STAR & E-Grades
Most common problems in summer are with courses
taught by grad student instructors & visiting faculty
– Instructor Table Listing lists the “wrong” title code
– STAR won’t accept a function of 1 (Instructor of Record)
Possible reasons:
– Summer appointment hasn’t been entered into PPS yet
– Appointment is in PPS but upload hasn’t occurred yet
– If PPS lists more than one active title code, the highest level
will be in STAR (e.g., Associate-1507 vs TA-2311)
Legend for schedule proofs and
Schedule Alteration forms
FAQ About Schedule Proofs
General Assignment Room Inventory
Academic Support Staff Calendar
Master Course Approval deadlines
Instructions for adding instructors
One-Time Room Request template
(click on “UCSB staff”)
Scheduling Courses for Summer
Sample Exercises for Calculating
Contact Time