SM3595-R | Thinking of Design, Engineering, and

SM3595-R | Thinking of Design, Engineering, and
Simulation Differently!
Luke Mihelcic
Product Marketing Manager | ISM – Simulation Industry Marketing
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Class Summary
Find out what Autodesk is doing that is changing the face of design,
engineering and simulation. In this roundtable session, we will describe
the tools and services that Autodesk has in place to address the changing
needs of today's engineers. We will talk about everything from mobile
engineering tools to cloud-enabled simulation. Listen in as we discuss
where Autodesk has been, where we are today, and most importantly,
where we are going with design, engineering and simulation. We look
forward to your input and hearing about challenges that we still need to
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Learning Objectives
At the end of this class, you will be able to:
 Explain why design, engineering and simulation need to change
 Describe how mobile tools can impact design, engineering and
 List the benefits of cloud computing
 Make informed decisions about implementing new design, engineering,
and simulation tools in your product development environment
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Why Are We Here?
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