Chapter 3 Study Guide

Chapter 3 Study Guide
• The Father of American Democracy.
• To escape a kingdom that did not allow them
to worship freely.
• A religious movement that swept through the
colonies and changed colonial religion, society,
and politics.
• It showed how unhappy colonists were with
the new British laws.
• A combination of famine, disease, and a harsh
• It rested the authority of governments on
agreement by the people that they needed
government and gave their consent to be
• “The Intolerable Acts”
• It encouraged colonists to move to Virginia by
giving 50 acres of land per person to
individuals and groups who paid their own
• The supply of wood enabled shipbuilders to
construct vessels to meet the demands of
various traders, thus making money.
• It symbolized the American value of protecting
the freedom of individuals and minority
• Sermons on spiritual equality led colonists to
ask for political equality.
• To limit the power of the English Monarch.
• The Powhatan taught the colonists how to
grow North American crops such as corn.
• Education
• Slave
• The Treaty of Paris gave Great Britain Florida
and all lands east of the Mississippi River.
• Metacomet refused to give more land to the
British Settlers.
• Some of them had tried to separate from the
church of England and feared punishment and
persecution by English leaders.
• A British soldier standing guard hit a colonists
during an argument.
1. Boston harbor was closed until Boston paid for the ruined
2. Massachusetts's charter was canceled.
3. Royal officials accused of crimes were sent to Britain for trial.
4. A new Quartering Act required colonists to house British
5. The Quebec Act gave a large amount of land to the colony of
6. General Thomas Gage became the new governor of