Academic Achievement Gala, 2014

Michelle G. Paul, Clinic Director ---- Spring 2014 Gala
Committed to Training & Research
Our Services
The story of the PRACTICE is one of resilience,
or the ability to thrive despite challenges.
The PRACTICE boasts 19 treatment rooms & the newest training
• Individual & group psychotherapy
• Tele-counseling
• Psychological testing & assessment
In the wake of the budget crisis were three mental health training
programs peppered across campus each struggling to fulfill its
mission alone.
• Electronic medical records and administrative system
networked to computer workstations in every treatment room
• Digital video & recording capability for live supervision and
later session review stored on a separate, secure server
• LANDRO software for video tagging, labeling, and coding
A Resilient Partnership
One way to be resilient in the face of struggle is to make
connections. In other words, reach out, have empathy for the
other, look for common ground, pool resources, and build
networks of support.
In 2012, thanks to the leadership of the Deans & Associate
Deans of 2 colleges and Chairs of 3 departments, such
connections were made and an idea
of partnership was
sparked. Along with Provost office support, facility and staffing
resources were pooled to create a unique technologically
sophisticated training clinic in the Carlson Education Building,
2nd floor, for students who will eventually join the mental health
and behavioral workforce.
Therapy research tells us that outcomes are enhanced when
clinicians receive regular feedback about how their clients are
doing, Therefore, we collect data at every session to teach our
student clinicians to be responsive to client feedback and to use
data to inform their work. Clients complete short questionnaires
regarding their progress. Therapists use the weekly scores to
determine how best to proceed with treatment.
Our Clients
Since opening in the Fall of 2012, we have
• Served 500 community clients, ages 2 to 76
• Provided 6000 hours of on-site & tele-counseling service
• Partnered with
• Community In Schools
• UNLV’s Child School Refusal & Anxiety Disorders Clinic
• UNLV’s Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders
• The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Clinic
Clients range in age from 2-76 years & represent diverse groups
9% African American/Black
49% Caucasian
7% Asian American/Pacific Islander
12% Hispanic American/Latino
1% Native American
22% Mixed Race or Other
Clients present to us with complex & serious concerns including
After 10 sessions, this
client’s scores suggest
something’s not working.
After 10 sessions, this
client’s scores reveal
significant progress.
Our Trainees
Special thanks also go to former Provost, Michael Bowers, Dean Kim Metcalf, Associate Deans ,
Cyndi Giorgis & Jennifer Keene, and faculty members, Katrina Harris, Shannon Smith, Noelle
Lefforge, Jason Holland, Christopher Kearney, Scott Loe, & Paul Jones, & office manager, Patricia
Bighem, for the role each played in making this collaboration a success.
At The PRACTICE we train students at
virtually all developmental levels:
• 11 clinical psychology (Ph.D.)
• 8 school psychology (Ed.S. or Ph.D.)
• 9 mental health counseling (M.A.)
• 1 social work (M.S.W.)
• 2 undergraduate field interns
• 2 postdoctoral fellows (1 sponsored by the
Kagi Foundation and 1 by The Center for
Autism Spectrum Disorders)
• Depressive and anxiety disorders
• Major Depressive Disorder, 33%
• Generalized Anxiety Disorder, 37%
• Psychotic disorders
• Schizophrenia; 2.5%
• Bipolar Disorders, 7%