Based on the Sustainability Passion Index

Based on the Sustainability Passion Index, I’m belonged to the group called The
Pragmatic Believer. I have many characteristics described as this group member.
Indeed, I’m passionate about spiritual issues which results in a high passion about
product related to spiritual issues. For example, it’s easier for the marketers to sell
books on spiritual issues to me than to the other four groups.
It’s important for me to have a high purpose. So I won’t be satisfied with the fulfillment
of the lower levels of self needs except achieving the self-actualization needs. For this
reason, I may become the target market for the educational institutions.
I care about others in the world and are more likely to do “good” in tangible ways ---with money. If a brand fulfills its social responsibility with donating money regularly to
repay the society, I’ll prefer to it instead of any other brands. As I’m a person who is
likely to regularly donate to charitable organization than other group, I would prefer to
choose the brand that has advertisement that they will donate a portion of their annual
revenue to support the charitable organization.
I’m less engaged with environmental sustainability, so that the environmental friendly
product won’t be attractive to me. Nowadays, the organic product is popular. However,
I’m not in the target market of it because I have little interest in it. I don’t care much
about climate change, so the seasonal promotion won’t be a big chance for me.
I’d like to support the local business, which means I’d like to buy local brands instead of
imported brands. For instance, if I made a decision to buy fridge, I’ll be inclined to
choose Haier, which is the local brand of my country, rather than LG.
I rate my family at a high position, so that product doing good to family is a big
attraction to me. As my parents are getting older, I’ll pay more attention on the healthy
product that has the function to strength body. Though I’m not interest in organic food,
I’ll buy it for my family if there is evidence showing the organic food is good for people.
In this way, I will change my attitude to it and still have the potential to become their
As I rate friends high as well as family, the opinions of them are important to me. I’d like
to obtain agreement from them if I buy something. And for the product has high
popularity among my friends, maybe I’ll think to buy it as well.
Moreover, I have huge enthusiasm to participate in volunteer job to help others. If a
company could organize volunteer event to include the customers, it will build a good
relationship with customers like me.
As a marketer, it’s important for me to use this type of information to serve the
customers better.
We could add “environmental friendly” as the attribute to our product to attract them,
as The Local Globalists are more concerned about environmental issues especially the
global warming. They would like to take tare to know things they don’t know which
probably makes them to be considered knowledgeable. This is the characteristic of
Opinion Leadership. We could invite them to try our products for free to influence
others to purchase. It’s useful for the company to recognize this kind of people because
they could be the “live” advertisement for our brand. And they like talking amongst
friends and writing blogs, so that It’s essential to reinforce the Customer Relationship
Management with them to enhance the function of buzz marketing and viral marketing.
Since The Local Globalists are simultaneously anxious about the future, we should
provide reliable warranties and guarantees.
The Casual Spectator are not particularly passionate about and issues, so that the best
way to attract them is to connect our product to “self”. They have strong self-concept,
which makes them care about the way people see themselves. We could focus on
designing the image the product reflecting the users to others. They read blogs regularly,
which gives us a chance to do viral marketing. We should work hard to stimulate
positive customer word about our products and services and give appropriate product
demonstrations online.
As The Hyper Local is passionate about local, we could show our contribution to the
local business to get their preference and try to let them know we emphasize on the
responsibility to the local society. They are active in neighborhoods, therefore, we could
consider them playing an important role during the process of “word of mouth”. For this
reason, we should pay more attention about the impression our products leave on them.
People in this group are generous to give credit to brands trying to make any difference,
so that we innovate in any attributes regularly to maintain this portion of customers.
It’s more helpful to show exact figures about the benefits of our products because The
Pragmatic Believers are practical. As they care about the CSR issues, if our company
show a strong social responsibility, customers in this group will have better impression
of us than other companies and put us in the considerate set.
The Self Non Serving Believers are quite believers in personal relationship. So we could
pay more attention on the advertisement for the whole family, and then will influence
the Self Non Serving Believers. They pay attention on the issues such as employee
treatment, therefore, we should try out best to treat our employees reasonably and give
customers like these a favourable impression.