Lab Write-up Day/ACT Prep

Friday, April 11th: “A” Day
Monday, April 14th: “B” Day
 Lab write-up: “Solubility Product Constant”
 ACT Prep 
 Concept Review Work Time
Next time:
Lab: “Solubility Product Constant”
Please dress appropriately
“Solubility Product Constant”
The purpose of this lab is to:
Prepare a saturated solution of NaCl.
Calculate the concentration of each ion in
the solution.
Write an equilibrium expression and
calculate the Ksp of NaCl. (?)
Demonstrate the effect of adding a
common ion to the saturated NaCl solution.
Calculate the mass of NaCl necessary to fill
a vat with 4,000 L of saturated solution.
“Solubility Product Constant”
Lab Write-Up
Hypothesis (make sure it ties in w/your purpose)
Materials – changes already made – we will use
the bunsen burner, NOT the hot plate option
Reflection Statement
Remember to update your table of contents…
ACT Prep
Science Workouts “F” and “E”
Science Workout “F”
You will have 20 minutes to answer 22
Please DO NOT WRITE on the tests, I only have
a class set. Use a separate piece of paper to
record your answers.
After 20 minutes, grade your own using the
key. Review any questions you missed.
Look on the back page of the test to find your
estimated ACT Science Score and record it on
your paper.
ACT Prep
Science Workouts “F” and “E”
Science Workout “E”
You will have 16 minutes to answer 18
You can use the same piece of paper for your
Complete same as Workout “F”.
Please turn in your paper with
answers/estimated scores for a participation
Concept Review Work Time
Any additional time can be well spent by working
on the concept review.
Looking Ahead:
Next time: Solubility Product Constant
Thurs/Fri: Lab calculations/Sample ACT
Science Test
Mon/Tues: Ch. 14 test/concept review