Attendance Grade: 100 points

Overall Grades
Midterm1: 100 points
Midterm2 : 100 points
Final Exam Part1: 100 points
Final Exam Part2: 100 points
Section Grade : 100 points
Lecture Quiz Grade : 100 points
Attendance Grade: 100 points
Total Points: 700 points
*The lowest score of the seven will be discarded, and the final grade will be based
on the remaining four scores.
Readings: There are no paragraph assignments for the required readings, but
they will be on the quizzes/midterms/finals.
Videos: There are 17 videos available on reserve for extra credit. To get credit for watching a
video, you must write a short (one-paragraph) summary, and submit it to your TA. A maximum
of 10 videos can be summarized for credit. Some of these may not be of good quality; we will go
through them and eliminate those that are difficult to view/understand. If you choose such a
video, just return it and start over with another one. 4 points per video summary with maximum
of 10.
Environmentally relevant topic papers: Students can do 3 max. 1-2 pages single spaced. 1
page is worth a maximum of 5 points, and 2 pages is worth a maximum of 10 points. The same
applies to In Section short talks (no longer than 10 min; one point per min if coherent and well
Attendance:One point will be given for attending each section. There will also be four pop
quizzes (worth ten points each) given during section.
Youtube Video:Students can create a video and upload it onto YouTube for 10 points and
additional 5 points if there are sources are cited in the video. To start, the TA must first approve
your topic. The video is REQUIRED to include both sides of the arguments, be kept
professional, and include relevant evidence and stats. The goal is to make reasonable arguments,
not to merely bash opponents. Groups are optional but can have no more than two. To get credit,
email link to your TA and we will watch them (could be during section). Be sure to include the
name of both partners in the video.
HERO Seminars:Attend a hero seminar and write a short half page summary and receive 6
Oral Presentation: Give an oral presentation (you can discuss one of your environment papers
or an entirely new subject) in section to receive 10 points. The presentation should be between 3
to 5 minutes. Some topics students talked about in the past include alternative fuels, using
materials such as hemp, rainforests, etc.
Letter to Editors:Please see the “About” page for detailed instructions. Students can do up to
three max, each worth 5 points.
Letters to Politicians:Please see the “About” page for detailed instructions. Students can do up
to three max, each worth 5 points.
NOTE: If you earn over 100 pts. for section, the extra points will “spill over”
into the quiz grade.
Lecture Quiz Grades
Pop quizzes will be given at random times during the lectures. These will be worth 5
– 10pts. each and will last 5 – 10 min. each. Your lecture quiz grade will include
video and seminar attendance points once you have 100pts for your section grade.
Teaching Assistants:
John Wang ([email protected]) M,W 10-10:50a Center 205
David Linderman ([email protected]) T,Th 3-3:50p Center