Expository Essay

Expository Essay
What you will learn
from this slideshow.
What an expository
essay is.
Definitions of each type
of expository essay.
What a thesis
statement is.
In the middle
diamond, write
expository essay plus
your name, period,
Turn to page 187. The definition for expository
goes in the upper left hand box of your
Expository writing is writing that _________ or
Four types of expository writing are
c________ and e_________,
c________ and c__________, and finally h____
Compare and Contrast Essay
(Box 2 title)
Turn to page 163. A comparison and contrast
essay uses _________ details to ________
the ________ and ________ between _____
or more persons, ________, or things.
Possible topics for a comparison and contrast
essay might be Iphone vs. Galaxy, Instagram
vs.Vine, or The Hunger Games vs. Divergent.
Fill in three more topics.
Venn Diagram (Box 3 title)
Complete a Venn
Diagram on any of
the topics from box 2.
Make your circles
wide enough to fit
three similarities and
three differences in
each section. There
is an example on
Cause and Effect Essay (Box 4 title)
P 187. A cause and effect essay explains the
________ something __________ or its
Possible topics for cause and effect essays
are historical events like signing of the
Declaration of Independence, scientific reports
like effects of a hurricane, and current events
like Obamacare. List three more possible
Cause and Effect examples
Causes and effect of getting sick
If you give a mouse a cookie,
what will happen?
How-to Essay (Box 1 title backside)
P 211. A how-to essay explains how to ___ or
_____ something. The _______ breaks down
the _______ into a ______ of _______ steps
and explains them in the _______ in which the
_________ should do them.
Some topics for how to essays could be how
to play a specific position in a sport, or how to
use social media like Instagram. Fill in three
more topics.
How to examples
You tube videos can show you how to
almost anything.
They have how to
books for everything
Descriptive Essay
(Box 2 title backside)
A descriptive essay describes a person, place,
idea, culture, event or just about anything as
long as it is supported with factual information.
Some examples of possible topics could be
the invention of cell phones or George
Washington. Fill in three more possible topics.
Possible descriptive topics
Inventions and inventors
Current events
Two possible choices (box 3)
Two out of the four types of expository writing
that I might chose are ____________ and
Three topics I might want to write about are
__________, ___________, and __________.
Thesis Statement (Box 4 title backside)
• P 791. A thesis statement is a statement of an
essay’s _______ idea; all __________ in the
________ supports or _________ this idea.
• When writing a thesis statement, do not use I, we, you,
think, feel or believe. You can write it, but cross it out
• Bad example-I think pit bulls are nice.
• Good example-Although pit bulls have a bad reputation,
they can be trained to be friendly.
• Bad example• Good example-