Chinese Expository Essay

Chinese Expository Essay
1. Pick a topic from the list below or suggest one to be approved by
2. Research your topic using textbook, Internet, non fiction books,
encyclopedias, or magazines. Allow 1-3 days. Can use public library, use note-taking sheet
3. Use your graphic organizer to complete the basic outline of your paper.
Complete before you write.
4. Write your paper in your own words. Allow 1-2 days.
5. All papers must by neatly hand written and must have 4-5 paragraphs
with at least 5-7 sentences per paragraph. If you need to type please
speak to the teacher. Read and revise your paper before you turn it in,
on Friday, December 19th.
Expository Essay: This essay is meant to explain or inform an audience. It is based on
facts and they are supported with details. There is a sequential order to the essay.
Please do not show feelings and stay focused on the main idea. DO NOT USE I, ME, OR
Possible Topics to research and write about.
The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) Dragon Dance
Magnetic compass/Zheng He (famous explorer)
The Forbidden City
The Silk Road
Himalayan Mountains/Deserts/Geography
Emperor Shi Huangdi/Terra Cotta Army
Kung Fu industry (Cinema), Tai Chi
fireworks/gunpowder/ book The Art of War
The Great Wall
The Mongol Invaders Genghis Khan
Isloationism in 1600’s thru the 20th century
People of Tibet (Tibetian Freedom) Dali Lama
Mao Zedong Communism, Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square
Hong Kong History
Beijing National Stadium or Olympics
Three Gorges Dam/Rivers
Shanghai Maglev Train
Family Life/Daily Life/School in China
Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism
Medicine old/new acupuncture
WWII Japanese occupation of China