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ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 1

Armaturen Wolff – Company

Foundation in 1945

Family ownership in third generation

Trading and manufacturing

 Fields of activity    Project-oriented business Single and spare parts delivery Development, design and realization of specific solutions   International orientation, authorized for simplified customs procedures Product development, CAD engineering

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 2

Armaturen Wolff – Business Areas



ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 3

Armaturen Wolff – Quality

Our philosophy

 Customers are first  Partnership and reliability in conjunction with best quality  Provide the best for the money  

Certificates and company recognitions (shipbuilding)

Individual inspections

by practically all international classification societies

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 4

Shipyard References (Extract)

         

Abeking & Rasmussen Fr. Fassmer Lindenau GmbH Lloyd Werft Fr. Lürssen Werft Meyerwerft J.J. Sietas KG Thyssen Krupp Marine Volkswerft Stralsund Wadan Yards Germany

       

Guangzhou SY Hudong Zhonghua SY Jingjiang SY Jinling SY New Times / New Century Shipbuilding Qingshan SY Wenchong SY Jiangzhou Union

     

Duzgit SY Gemak / Tuzla Shipbuilding RMK Marine TVK Gemi Yapim Yardimci SY Yilyak Yakit

 

Bollinger SY VT Halter Marine

 

A.P. M øller Odense Steel SY


STX Finland

Rousse Shipyard

No. 5

Worldwide Partners

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 6

Scope of Supply

Quick-Closing Valve Systems Service Valve Packages Special Solutions Bellows-Sealed Quick-Closing/ Opening Valves Filtration Technology Expansion Joints Flexible Reach Rods Valve Chests ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 7

Quick Closing Valve Systems

  

All kinds of actuation:

 Manual  Hydraulic/pneumatic

Wide range of base types:

 Nodular cast iron, cast steel, bronze  Straight pattern, angle pattern 

Options available:

 Limit switches for optical indication  Firesafe design acc. to LRS EMEA


No compromise to quality for safety on board !

No. 8

Bellows-Sealed Quick-Action Valves

   

Quick-closing or quick-opening function Suitable for thermal oil up to 350 °C Same type variety and kinds of actuation as standard quick-closing valves Options available:

 Limit switches for optical indication  Firesafe design acc. to LRS EMEA

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 9

Filtration Technology

   

Seawater, fresh water, HFO, MDO, lub oil Various materials

 Body out of cast iron, nodular cast iron, steel, bronze, aluminium  Filter element out of stainless steel (choice of grades), copper-nickel

Lining and coating

 Rubber, epoxy thermoplastic resin, enamel

Optimum arrangement of ICCP electrodes

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 10

Expansion Joints

   

The right choice for every requirement

 chemical resistance   kinds of mechanical stress, pressure geometry demands

Series production and individual design For axial and lateral compensation Short delivery times

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 11

Valve Chests

  

Large variety of basic patterns and sizes

 Suction/combination suction valve chest  Pressure/combination pressure valve chest

Various materials for different fluids

 Body out of cast iron, nodular cast iron, bronze; trim out of bronze or stainless steel

Different kinds of actuation

 Manual    Pneumatic Hydraulic Electric (single acting/ double acting)

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 12

Flexible Reach Rods

Manual remote operation of valves

 Places difficult to access  Dangerous areas  

High torque transmission All kinds of valves

Multitude of accessories available for specific applications

  

Easy planning, simple installation Long-lasting corrosion protection Maintenance free

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 13

Innovations and Solutions

Customer-specific requirements:

 Discussion  Cost-efficient layout and design  Professional, quality product realization 

Joint development of technical solutions

Cooperation with a large number of specialized partners

Delivery complete with all required documentation

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 14

Valve Packages

 

Combination of long-time expertise and economic production sources Quality Management essential

 Technical advice, documentation   Reliability of products and project schedule Economical stability of production partner   Contractual safety Security for Long-term availability of spare parts


   Cooperation with a network of international production partners and suppliers Special coating or treatment possible Completion with addtl. components

No. 15


     

Delivery of various valve-related spare parts and replacements Manufacture of strainer elements and machined parts according to specification On-Board installation of supplied equipment Global express expedition Repair of valves Maintenance of equipment in service

ARMATUREN-WOLFF, January 2010 No. 16


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