What did Roosevelt do in *The Hundred Days

What did Roosevelt do in ‘The Hundred
Learning objective – to examine the
actions of Roosevelt in his first one
hundred days as President.
I can describe some
of what Roosevelt
did during his first
hundred days as
Grade D
I can explain most of
what Roosevelt did
hundred days as
Grade B
I can explain and analyse
the actions of Roosevelt
during his first hundred
days as President.
Grade A/A*
This word cloud summarises
the content of the story
Bonus Army.
In pairs, find the 11 terms in
the word cloud and using the
PowerPoint and the sheet
given to you, list the 11
terms and, for each term,
write their relevance to the
Bonus Army story in two
Hundred Days
Fireside Chats
Banking Acts
Alphabet Agencies
New Deal
What were ‘The Hundred Days’?
The Hundred Days were the first 100 days in Roosevelt’s
Presidency and lasted from March 9th to 16th June 1933. It was a
period of intense activity where Roosevelt tackled the problems
of the Great Depression.
During this period Roosevelt tackled –
 The Banking Crisis
 Ended Prohibition
 Established the New Deal by creating Alphabet Agencies.
 Began his Fireside Chats.
Why was the Banking Crisis a
priority during the Hundred Days?
In the Great Depression, over
4,000 banks closed and Americans
were losing confidence in the
banking system. People felt that to
save in a bank was risking their
money. As a, result, many banks
experienced a high level of
withdrawals and people kept their
money at home.
What did Roosevelt do to stem the
Banking Crisis?
Roosevelt declared a three day banking
holiday immediately after being sworn in as
President. In this three day period, the
Emergency Banking Act was passed which
only allowed financially sound banks to
Those that were not financially sound were
helped as part of a government rescue plan
in the Glass-Steagall Banking Act and
opened in June.
What was the New Deal?
The New Deal was Roosevelt’s plan to rescue America from the Great Depression. It
included Republicans and Democrats in its creation.
The New Deal had three stated aims –
Relief – help people from the ravages of the Great Depression by providing short
term support for those in need.
Recovery – to rebuild the economy, in the medium term, by aiming for stability..
Reform – to ensure welfare provision to those who needed it and ensure that
the Great Depression would never happen again.
What was the economic idea
behind the New Deal?
What were the Alphabet Agencies?
To set up and manage the New Deal, Roosevelt created a
group of bodies that were responsible for a particular
problem caused by the Great Depression, such as
unemployment. They became known as Alphabet
Agencies, because they were know by their initials, such as
the WPA [Works Progress Administration] and the NRA
[National Recovery Administration].
What were Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats?
To communicate his policies
to the people, Roosevelt
made regular national radio
broadcasts. Roosevelt did
this to win support for the
New Deal. The became
known as Fireside Chats
because of the warm and
friendly style Roosevelt
Task – use these images to explain the
aims and idea behind the New Deal.
Stick a copy of this visual
representation of the
Bonus Army into your
exercise book.
Beside each image write
how it can contribute to
answering the central
question – ‘What did
Roosevelt do in his first