2015 EGR 107 - Lecture 01

EGR 107
Introduction to Engineering Design
Course Coordinator:
Dr. Jack Mahaney
Course Instructors:
Dr. Jack Mahaney (S1)
Dr. Wade Shaw (S2)
Dr. Rich Mines (S3, S4)
Dr. Ed O’Brien (S5)
Dr. Scott Schultz (S6)
Dr. Laura Lackey (S7)
Mr. Byron Givens (S8, S9)
Course Materials
• Textbook - None
• Handouts in Lecture and Recitation
• On the web at
• Attendance will be taken in both Lecture and
• No open Laptops during Lecture presentations
• E-mail contact:
– Mercer e-mail – [email protected]
– Please start subject line with EGR 107
• Assignments:
– Read the Syllabus [you will receive a copy in your
recitation section]
• Course content, structure, requirements, and attendance policies
• Sign-in sheet at end of Lecture by section
• If you are not on it, print your name and initial by current date
Design Reviews
[see Engineering Design Reviews under Course Material on Blackboard site]
Preliminary Design
Review [PDR]
• Define problem
• Develop
specifications and
• Develop multiple
designs or solutions
• Document selection
of the ‘best’ design(s)
or solution(s)
Critical Design Review
• Document
construction and
changes to selected
• Verify that design
meets specications
and criteria
• Provide
Design Processes
• Overview video
“Designing with Project Teams”
• Dr. Michael Marcus
• Pennsylvania State University – York Campus