Vocab2 - MaddyKeeler

Maddy Keeler
Temperate: moderate
Synonym: agreeable
Antonym: violent
Sentence: Whenever I lay in my bed, I’m almost always in a temperate mood.
Scorn: refuse; rejected by showing contempt
Synonym: despite
Antonym: approval
Sentence: I’m scorn when it comes to cleaning my room.
Summon: call
Synonym: assemble
Antonym: dismiss
Sentence: If I’m at home and need to ask my mom a question, I usually don’t summon her
because I can just text her.
Surly: unfriendly; sullen
Synonym: cross
Antonym: gentle
Sentence: I can become surly when it comes to going to dance twice a week.
Expire: die; come to an end
Synonym: depart
Antonym: begin
Sentence: My school day expires every day at 2:08 P.M.
Impediments: obstacles; obstructions
Synonym: Block
Antonym: Aid
Sentence: As of right now, I have no impediments in my life, everything is going smoothly.
Reeks: has a strong, bad smell
Synonyms: stink
Antonyms: refreshing
Sentence: My feet reek every time I get done with dance practice.