An Introduction to the First World War

An Introduction to the First
World War: 1905-1914
L/O – To identify and understand the chronology of the First
World War
• In groups you are going to create a timeline of the First
World War using the website:
• Sign up for a free account BUT REMEMBER! To input the
class code: 245385-826885922
• Next go to the timeline, url:
• For each event, you must include a description of no more
than 100 words! Try to explain what happened, the causes
of the event and the consequences of that event.
Events to Include
• Group 1: Formation of the Alliance System: Unification of Germany,
Dual Alliance, Triple Alliance, Franco-Russian Alliance, Entente
Cordiale, Anglo-Russian Entente, Triple Entente, Treaty of Berlin
• Group 2: Imperial Rivalry and Countdown to War: Young Turk
Revolution, Bosnian Crisis, The Balkan Wars, Assassination of Franz
Ferdinand, Anglo-German Naval Race, HMS Dreadnought, First
Moroccan Crisis, Algeciras Conference, Second Moroccan Crisis, July
Crisis and Countdown to War.
• Group 3: Battle of the Western Front: Schlieffen Plan, Battle of Mons,
Siege of Liege, Battle of the Marne (1st), Race to the Sea, Battle of the
Somme, 3rd Battle of Ypres, German Spring Offensive, Battle of Amien,
German Revolution, Other famous battles.
• Group 4: Other Campaigns: Gallipoli Campaign, British Naval
Blockade, Battle of Heligoland Bight, German raids on British East
Coast, Battle of Dogger Bank, Battle of Jutland, Raid on Ostend,
Lusitania Incident, Zimmerman Telegraph, Russian Revolution, Defeat
of Germany’s allies