The Cattle Kingdom and Farming on the Great Plains

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The Cattle Kingdom
and Farming
on the Great Plains
Cattle Drive!
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How did the Cattle Boom Begin/End?
• Texas Longhorn
• Tough, lean animal
needing little water
• Worth $5 in Texas, but $80
in New York (supply and
• Ranchers out west walk
cattle to slaughter houses,
then ship meat east
• Open Range
• Range Rights
• Land out west through which
cattle graze (shared)
• Begins to disappear a people
buy land out west
• Cattle ranchers buy rights to
use steams from land owners
• Vaqueros
• Mexican cattlemen who give ranchers
ideas of style of dress and tools
• Roundup
• Gathering cattle together from a ranch
• You can tell them apart by brand
• Cattle Drive
• Moving cattle from ranch to railroad
• Took several months, and covered
hundreds of miles
• Dangerous - Thieves, weather, stampede,
• Ended at Cow Towns - drinking, gambling,
restaurants, and showers
• End of the
Open Range
• Farmers begin to buy
up open range land and
stop cattle drives
• Barbed Wire - Allows
farmers to cheaply
fence an area off
• Sheep farmers move in
and sheep eat all the
grazing grass
• Bad winters of 1885/86
kill 30% of herds