What will this diploma option or certificate of completion look like on

ESE Advisory Meeting
November 19, 2014
Parking Lot Questions:
What will the diploma change look like for Elementary students who are already on
Special Diploma? Do we simply mark s. 1003.4282(11) (6)1 fs?
Current elementary students will graduate with one of the new diploma options or
with a certificate of completion. The IEP team will indicate the diploma option on the
students IEP. While in elementary school, the diploma options do not have to be
determined. A student who is currently being instructed in the Access Standards will
continue to learn with these standards.
How do we look at getting subs for our VE resource teachers so our kiddos IEP
minutes are met?
Contact your CED (Compliance Educational Diagnostician) in elementary school or TSA
(ESE Teacher on Special Assignment) in middle and high school. They will coordinate
with the IDEA Team leader to help your school. We are working with schools on
scheduling and to ensure the needed resources are in place to serve students.
How do we build a pool of ESE substitute teachers?
We have talked with Human Resources (HR) about this and are working to identify
both substitutes and teachers. ESE is a critical shortage area, so we are also working
with HR on recruitment and retention strategies. The TNTP grant and partnership are
an additional component of these efforts.
What is being done about providing ABA therapy in school? This is vital to our
children’s success.
ABA therapy is provided as decided by each IEP team. We have trained ABA staff and
are working to train additional staff.
Why is there so little involvement in the general ed. setting (the children in gen ed
and administration in the middle schools?)These ESE kids are like on an island of
their own.
Maximizing inclusion opportunities is one of our goals. We are focusing on training as
a critical component of this effort, including instructional and administrative staff.
Why is there such an extreme gap in education for the autism units, MMI is too low
functioning and the Asperger’s unit is too high functioning. You need to provide an
in between for these kids.
The MMI units have three levels in order to meet student needs. Students in MMI
units are learning on the Access standards as determined by the IEP team. We do not
have specific Asperger’s units, but do have ASD units for students learning Florida
standards. Within each classroom, instruction is differentiated to individualize student
What will this diploma option or certificate of completion look like on a final
transcript? We need to flag students with portfolios and waivers for post-secondary
The diploma option will be identified on the IEP. The diploma certificates will indicate
a standard diploma. Transcripts include the course code, which would indicate Access
standard courses.
Once a teacher is in ESE, how often are they evaluated for effectiveness? I see so
many ESE teachers that don’t belong in ESE.
Teachers are evaluated annually using the district’s FLDOE approved evaluation
Electives not offered to middle school kids? Why are ESE students not getting
Students have electives, unless other required courses must be taken. It is required by
statute that if a student has a level 1 or 2 in Reading or Math, the student must take
Intensive Reading and/or Intensive Math. This does replace an elective. This is for all
students, including students with a disability.
Who is the independent reviewer? How do parents select?
Parents select and incur the cost.
How will students get paid if they are not US citizens? Regulations of Graduation
We would need to investigate this, but it could be that this is not an option for some