Unit II Vocab Notes: From “Marigolds” Futile (Adjective) Definition

Unit II Vocab Notes:
From “Marigolds”
Futile (Adjective)
o Definition: Having no useful result; without effect
o Example: It’s futile to argue with me.
o Synonyms: pointless
Poignant (Adjective)
o Definition: Something moving; causes emotions to stir
o Example: As I think of those poignant days of summer, my eyes fill with
o Synonyms: moving; heart-warming
Perverse (Adjective)
o Definition: Stubbornly contrary; wrong; harmful
o Example: For some perverse reason, we children hated those marigolds.
o Synonym: wrong
Bravado (noun)
o Definition: A false show of courage or defiance.
o Example: “I cursed and spat on the ground—my favorite gesture of phony
Compassion (noun)
o Definition: Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the
wish to relieve it.
o Example: “This was the beginning of compassion.”
o Synonyms: sympathy; condolence
From “Where Have You Gone My Charming Billy?”
Casually (adverb)
o Adverb
o In an unconcerned or informal manner.
o “Billy Boy sat down very casually, not saying a word…”
o Synonym: Informal
Transparent (adjective)
o Adjective
o Capable of being seen through
o …”His face going pale and transparent and his veins popping out.”
o Synonyms: Clear; obvious
Execute (verb)
o Verb
o To perform; carry out
o “The paddy water sprayed up as if Billy Boy had just executed a long and
dangerous dive.”
o Synonyms: accomplish; complete; perform
From “The Scarlet Obis”
 Setting: the time and place of action in a story.
 Theme: the central idea or message.
 Invalid:
o Noun or Adjective
o A sickly person; too ill to live a normal life.
o It was bad enough having an invalid brother…
o Synonyms: handicapped
o In another context, invalid can be an adjective describing objects that are
weak or without legal force.
 Careen:
o Verb
o To rush carelessly
o I’d run with him across the ends of the cotton rows and careen him around
corners on two wheels.
o Synonyms: hustled; rushed
 Imminent:
o Adjective
o About to occur
o With success so imminent, we decided not to tell anyone until he could
actually walk.
o Synonym: close
 Exotic
o Adjective
o Excitingly strange
o …“We stood around it, awed by its exotic beauty.”
o Synonyms: different; unusual
o Note: this word may also mean foreign
 Reiterate:
o Verb
o To repeat
o “I certainly did,” Doodle reiterated.
o Synonyms: repeat; restate