Why Ashley Sanchez?

Why Ashley Sanchez is the
perfect addition to your team
If Pearson is looking for someone with…
• Sales Experience and Leadership Skills: I have more than 14 years of experience in outside sales
in the Tampa market which includes nearly three years of sales management.
• Integrity: I pride myself on being dependable, honest and easy to work with—not only with
clients, but also with coworkers. Nothing is more satisfying to me than being the best at what I do,
and I strive for that daily. I build long-lasting relationships with people both inside and outside the
• Organization Skills: I am an efficient multitasker with the ability to wear a variety of hats and
handle an array of challenges
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills: I establish positive rapport with everyone –
executives, key decision-makers, peers, operations, etc.
• Expertise in the Sale Process: I have years of training and experience with Negotiation, Account
Management, New Business Development, Sales & Marketing and most importantly
Communication both Internally and Externally
• Creativity: I am always thrilled at the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for a client, ways to
improve current processes, help them with a challenge, etc.
Professional Accomplishments and Education
I was awarded a BMI/RAB/MIW scholarship to attend the “Rising Through
The Ranks” educational workshop in Nashville in August of 2010. This
workshop is designed to recognize up and coming managers and to give
them additional tools to continue their career advancement in leadership.
Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) – 2004-2009
Marketing Pro Certified, Win-Win Negotiation, Interactive Selling,
Marketing Strategy Model and other continuing education sales-oriented
courses and workshops; My team won Marketing Pro in 2004
Jim Doyle & Associates – Sales Training – 2012-2013
PSS Training – Sales Training with Bright House – 2013-present
Don’t just take my word for it
Quotes from past managers and coworkers:
“Every so often, a truly superior talent comes along, and Ashley is one of those. I managed Ashley
directly for almost 5 years, and can say without question that if you're an employer and you get the
chance to hire her, do so. She was consistently a top performer and routinely exceeded her goals,
while at the same time endearing herself to her colleagues. She is responsible, intelligent, hardworking, and always goes above and beyond what is required. Quite simply, she is a superior talent
and will be an asset to any company fortunate enough to hire her.” ~ Recommendation on
LinkedIn July 16, 2009 , Mark Kanak, General Sales Manager , Cox Radio (my manager at Cox
Radio, he later recruited me to be a part of his management team at CBS Radio)
"Ashley is very focused on the job at hand and enjoys meeting with people and helping them. She
is someone I trust do to the right thing every time. She accentuates the positive and encourages
the team to work together. Ashley has a positive attitude, with a smile for everyone. She is
confident. You can go to her for feedback on issues or concerns, she listens and treats you with
respect. I have worked with Ashley for many years. Ashley has always done what was in the best
interest to her fellow employees and has always been the voice for those who do not have a voice
of their own. She is a great person, hard-worker, very driven and she has compassion and
humility." ~ 2014 comments from current co-workers at Bright House during an anonymous
evaluation for Leadership Assessment
Continued Quotes from past managers and coworkers:
“Ashley shares this caring enthusiasm for all those around her. She is always the first to review a
proposal and offer constructive direction as well as step in to trouble shoot a difficult situation.
She pushes her employees and colleagues to be the best and exceed goals. Under her direction,
the staff has enjoyed amazing success. For instance, in July WRBQ was the number one billing
station in the Tampa market for the first time since 1981!
I am so thankful to have Ashley as a mentor, manager, role model and friend. She consistently
exceeds the expectation of her superiors, while ensuring her staff is exceeding their goals. Despite
her plethora of work responsibilities, she still finds time to teach and guide her staff. Most
importantly, she genuinely cares about everyone she works with. It is truly rare to find someone so
dedicated to their employees and job.” ~ quote from letter of recommendation from a member of
my team who nominated me for the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 2010 Up and Comers Awards.
“Ashley…has volunteered to act as a mentor to new account managers on the Magic staff. Couple
that with her willingness to always help out other account managers, and you have a very self-less,
hard-working account manager that typifies the kind of professional we want representing our
stations. She has been a huge help and has done it with grace and kindness, not once acting like
it’s a chore.” ~ emailed to everyone at Cox when recognized as Employee of the Month May ’07
Thank you for your time and
I look forward to becoming a part of your team and
a valuable Sales Representative for Pearson.
Ashley Sanchez