Night - Vocab Set 4

Night Vocabulary
Set 4/4
Quiz over 3-4 Friday
5 words: not 6 today
• Despite the trials and privations, Rabbi
Eliahou’s face still shone with his inner purity
(Wiesel 86).
• The privation caused by the hurricane has left
many members in the community homeless
and without food.
• A state in which things that are essential for
human well-being such as food and warmth
are scarce or lacking
• POS: Noun
• Synonyms: deprivation, need, want, hardship
• He had felt that his father was growing weak,
he had believed that the end was near and
had sought this separation in order to get rid
of the burden, to free himself from the
encumbrance which could lessen his own
chance of survival (Wiesel 87).
• He found carrying his heavy backpack full of
text books to be an encumbrance.
• A burden or hindrance; obstacle
• POS: Noun
• Synonyms: weight, stress, nuisance
• The reason for low voter turnout was apathy
about politics.
• The hardest part of Mr. Sanders’ job is
students’ apathy.
• From time to time, SS officers on motorcycles
would go down the length of the column to
try and shake us out of our growing apathy
(Wiesel 88).
• Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern
• POS: Noun
• Synonyms: unresponsive, passive, lethargic
• Susan tapped her foot and looked disengaged
at the lecture.
• I wanted to get up. I struggled to disengage
myself, so that he could breathe (Wiesel 89).
• Detach, free, loosen, or separate (something)
• POS: Verb
• Synonyms: remove, release, withdrawl
• We’ve become more vigilant since the
neighbors were robbed.
• Could one sleep here? Was it not dangerous
to allow your vigilance to fail, even for a
moment, when at any minute death could
pounce upon you (Wiesel 90 ) ?
• Keeping careful watch for possible danger or
• POS: Adjective
• Synonyms: attentive, alert, observant