Vocabulary for Night

Vocabulary for Night
Set three: 6 words
• “You’re staying here three days in quarantine.
Then you’re going to work. Tomorrow,
medical inspection” (Wiesel 46).
• Because the people were sick with Ebola and
no one wanted the sickness to spread, they
were all quarantined in a separate house.
a state, period, or place of isolation in which
people or animals that have arrived from
elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or
contagious disease are placed.
POS: Noun
Synonyms: Isolate
• Who would have said anything to the contrary
(Wiesel 46) ?
• Bruce ignored his father’s contrary advice and
agreed to buy the rusty, old car.
• Opposite in nature, direction, or meaning
• POS: Adjective
• Synonyms: opposed, conflicting, clashing
• Suddenly, we saw the door to Block 37 open
imperceptibly. A man appeared crawling like a
worm in the direction of the cauldrons.
(Wiesel, 56).
• The lisp that Johnny had as a child is nearly
gone and is just imperceptible now.
• Very slight, gradual or subtle; difficult to
perceive by the senses
• POS: Adjective
• Synonyms: unnoticeable, faint, undetected
• It did not take long to discover why we had
been summoned; it was for the extraction of
our gold teeth.
• The extraction of US troops from Vietnam
signaled the end of the Vietnam War.
• The action of taking out something, especially
using effort or force (example –dentist)
• POS: Noun
• Synonyms: removal, release, freeing
• He was glad to see that I had come back of my
own accord, as I had promised. He gave me
another reprieve (Wiesel 50).
• The mother who faced eviction from her
house was given a reprieve by the bank.
• A cancellation or postponement of a
punishment; temporary escape from an
undesirable fate or unpleasant situation
• POS: Noun
• Synonyms: pardon, spare, let off
• Juliek, a bespectacled Pole with a cynical smile
on his face (Wiesel 47).
• After a pep talk one day and a lay off the next,
the remaining staff was very cynical about the
• Believing that people are motivated by self
interest; distrust of human sincerity or
• POS: Adjective
• Synonyms: doubtful, disbelieving, suspicious