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US/VA History – Fall 2013
Syllabus and Course Description
Mr. Sponseller / Mr. Smith
[email protected] / [email protected]
(540) 372-1100 ext. 2206
Welcome! This course covers the events and persons of US/VA History from colonial times to the present.
This course has an EOC SOL. Passing both the class and the SOL test are graduation requirements for all VA
high school students. The objective of this class is to instill a love and respect for the history of the United
States as well as develop your analytical and critical thinking skill. You will also prepare to pass the SOL test
given at the end of the class.
*And remember, you are required to pass US/VA History and the SOL for this course in order to graduate!
The following is a list of topic areas and the tentative 9 weeks breakdown in which they will be covered:
(Remember, this course is taught in one semester only now!)
1st Grading Period
2nd Grading Period
“Discovery” & European Settlement (1& 2)
Colonial America (3)
American Revolution (4)
Federalist (5)
Jeffersonian America (6)
Nationalist (7)
Sectionalism (7&8)
Jacksonians (7)
Civil War (10&11)
Reconstruction (12)
Western Expansion (13)
Industrialization (14)
Gilded Age (15&16)
Progressives (17)
World War I (19)
Depression/New Deal (22&23)
World War II (24&25)
Cold War (26)
Course Objectives
1. The student will master the terms, concepts, and events that influenced the history of the United States and
Virginia in order to pass the Virginia SOL test.
2. The student will develop skills necessary for successful work, which will include the ability to:
a. Increase reading comprehension and fluency.
b. Conduct library research.
c. Take effective notes from lectures, readings and films.
d. Think critically, particularly in problem solving and decision-making.
3. The student will demonstrate the ability to increase interpersonal skills, including the ability to:
a. Work with others to achieve goals.
b. Promote individual and group interests through legitimate means.
4. The student will participate in classroom activities designed to spark their curiosity and imagination,
interpret and analyze information, and practice critical thinking skills.
Course Materials
Text: The Americans. Gerald A. Danzer et al., Holt McDougal, Austin: 2011.
American History 101. Audrey L. Rackley, Fredericksburg: 2010. This is the text you will get a copy from me.
We will use it in class.
You will be expected to come to class everyday prepared. This includes a three-ring binder, paper, pen/pencil,
and the textbook.
Students are expected to come to class with all other necessary materials (notebook and pen or pencil).
Students must keep all assignments/coursework in a three-ring binder. The assignments/coursework will be
used to review for the SOL test and checked periodically for completeness and organization.
The James Monroe High School grading scale will be followed (see student handbook). More specifically,
grades will be calculated according to the following percentages:
Tests: 40%
Quizzes: 30%
Homework/classwork/participation: 30%
Extra Credit
Extra credit will be available equally to all students; however, it will be given on a limited basis only. This extra
credit will NOT be given to compensate for work that you have failed to complete or turn in. Extra credit will
only be offered to those who have completed ALL of their regularly assigned work. Extra credit will ONLY be
applied to a student’s test grades, NOT their midterm exam, final exam, or final grades.
Grades will be calculated at the end of each 9 weeks period based on the total number of graded materials
and their averages.
Late Work
Late work will be accepted with penalty. One letter grade (10%) will be deducted for each day that the
assignment is late, with a maximum of a three day limit, unless other extenuating circumstances exist. In
order to expedite missed work, please contact me if you miss more than one day. If you do miss a day, you will
have one day to make it up without the late penalty. It is up to YOU to see me for missed work.
Test/Quiz Makeup
A quiz on that week’s material will be given EVERY Friday. There will be no make-up tests and quizzes unless
there is an excused absence. If you fail to fall under those circumstances, you will receive a zero test grade
and no opportunity to make it up. Those circumstances are outlined in your student handbook for excused
absences. Make every effort to be in class. When there is perfect attendance on quiz and test days, everyone
will receive 3 extra points on their quiz and 5 extra points on their test.
General Policies
Along with the rules and guidelines for James Monroe High School, the following are rules specific to this class:
1. Be respectful of everyone (including me) at all times.
2. Be prompt and prepared. Be in class BEFORE the bell rings and in your desk ready to start class.
This means pencils sharpened and in your seat before the bell rings.
3. Simply raise your hand and ask if you need to sharpen a pencil during instruction.
4. Do your own assignments. YOU MAY NOT COPY OR LOAN OUT YOUR WORK - EVER. Not on tests,
not on classwork, not on homework. Assignments that look copied will earn a 0- whether the work
was copied or used to copy from. If this happens, I will photocopy the questionable assignment
and contact your parents. This policy includes plagiarism.
5. You may not sleep, put your head down, or slouch lifelessly. If you do so, you will stand.
6. I will not tolerate general disruptions of my classroom. As a rule of thumb, if as a result of your
behavior, more than 2 people have diverted your attention to you and away from the learning
activities at hand, you are disrupting my class.
7. No eating or drinking during class.
8. Wait for my instruction to begin packing up. I will hold you after the bell if needed.
9. All bags, purses and non-class related materials need to be on the floor and not on the desk.
10. Unauthorized use of electronic devices including phones and mp3 players will not be tolerated in
class. Consider this a warning; unauthorized use of electronic devices will result in a discipline
referral. In the event of an emergency, students may call home from the main office.
Consequences for Disruptive Behavior
The following steps will be taken for each incident
1. Verbal warning
2. Removal from class for remainder of period
3. Phone call or letter home to parent(s)
4. Discipline Referral to office
Student Name: ____________________________ Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name:_________________________
Please complete and return to indicate that you have reviewed the syllabus for World History.
I/we understand that cheating or plagiarism will result in a grade reduction to “0.”
Parent/Guardian initials: ________
Student initials: _______
I/we understand unauthorized use of electronic devices including phones and mp3 players WILL result in a
discipline referral.
Parent/Guardian initials: ________
Student initials: _______
Parents/Guardians: If you have an emergency, please contact your child through the main office: (540) 3721100. I will issue a referral even if you are communicating with them as I will assume they are using their
phone for unauthorized purposes.
Lastly, please fill in the information requested below in order to better encourage communication between
you and I about what is going on in class and with your child.
Mr. Sponseller
Parent Email(s): ____________________________________________________
Parent(s) Phones: __________________________________________________
Please circle or place a check mark by which contact you like to be reached at.