6.04 - OpenStudy

Michaela Schrader
Mrs. Klem
April 7, 2015
Module 6 Argument
Animal Testing As Means of New Medical
Animal Testing has brought many new medical opportunities. Thanks to animal testing we are
even one step closer to curing cancer. It would be dangerous to try new things on humans if we didn’t
know if they were harmful.
Even though animal testing has its down sides it has helped us find many new medical
treatments. “A new method of attacking cancer cells, developed by researchers in Australia, has proved
surprisingly effective in animal tests.” Says The New York Times. Cancer is no exception of things that
are better thanks to testing. Think of all of the treatments we have so we can keep you healthy, most of
those used animal testing first to make sure it was safe for you. “Research involving laboratory animals
at UCLA leads to many medical breakthroughs that improve people's lives and hold promise for
additional improvements in diagnoses, treatments and cures” says the ULCCA Newsroom.
Most animal testing is on rodents because of how similar they are far as immune system. If we
didn’t test them first there would be no way to know if things were harmful to us. If you tested
everything on humans first then there would be a chance that we would get sick or die. If you test them
on other animals testing might not be as effective or accurate.
On the other hand animal testing can be inhuman or cruel to some animals. While there are
regulations not many regulations help the animals or the environments conditions. Many people claim
that conditions for animals are not ideal and that animals are not treated with care.
In conclusion the pros outweigh the cons. animal testing is not all bad and not all are inhuman
or cruel. Animal testing has helped scientist find new medical treatment. There are regulations and
restrictions to try and help animals. Testing helps us make sure things aren’t dangerous to us and we
make sure to help animals.