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Audience profile for either the Red Cross or the CFF web project:
College-age readers with CF, also possibly their parents, both looking for information on
going to college with CF in terms of managing treatments and life with CF at college.
Generally aged 15-18, the teen audience is coming closer to graduating high school and
looking for help with managing CF in college, or even perhaps deciding whether they want
to go away to college. They are looking for information on
Response desired
What your profiled reader thinks currently (in
his/her voice):
I’m not sure I can deal with CF
while on my own in college
Will I be able to have a normal
college experience with CF?
I don’t think that/I’m not sure that
colleges will make
accommodations to help me live
on campus.
What you want her/him to think after reading
your web content (again, in her/his voice):
With help and planning, I can
go to college and have a good
college experience.
I’ll be able to manage
treatments on my own on top of
class work as long as I manage
time well.
There will be people on campus
to go to for help should I need
I know that I want to go to
The job of your web content is to close this gap.
Tone/voice you need to use to close this gap: A positive outlook on the
possibility and logistics of going to college with CF. A peer to peer approach
would help assure teenagers reading that they can live a normal college life,
rather than just instructional type information.
Questions: What are some readers’ questions you must answer to close this gap?
How will college life be different for treatments? Will I be able to keep up with
everything I need to do to stay healthy without my family and other support
structure there?
How will having CF affect my social life, and the normal activities of a college
student? Will I be able to go out like a normal college student?
Will I be able to manage classes while keeping up with treatments and avoiding
becoming sick?