Mesopotamia-0809 - Walsingham Academy

History of the Ancient and
Medieval World
Ancient Middle East:
Walsingham Academy
Mrs. McArthur
Room 111
Theme: Role of Geography
Activating Prior Knowledge
• Study the map on pages 31 of your text.
Cultural diffusion helps explain important
changes brought about by contacts with others.
• How might art, ideas have been exchanged
between the two early civilizations of
Mesopotamia + Egypt?
Remember: a good map has:
A title
A date
A scale
A key or legend
What 2 elements does this text map
The Ancient Near East
Questions to Consider
• What are some of the ways in which
Mesopotamia’s geography influenced its
cultural and historical development?
• What specific examples of the civilizing
process that we have studied do we
encounter in Mesopotamia’s story?
Assignment 1
– Complete Physical Feature’s Map of Ancient CityStates of Sumer.
– Read pp. 30-31 of text and answer questions # 2,3
of Map Skills, pp 31
– Review lecture notes including key vocabulary
terms (photocopy) mentioned
– Bring Textbook to Class
• Students absent 9/5, make up Quiz 1 this week!
• X-Credit: Green Sahara, Sept. 12
• Black Ships Before Troy, September 15
Assignment 2
• Reread pp 32-34 of textbook.
• Complete Assessment at bottom of pp 34,
doing #1-4. (Be sure to follow guidelines
for setting up your paper, etc.)
What basic feature of civilization (as well as recurring
theme) includes music?
What can we learn about early civilizations from artifacts
such as musical instruments?
Ziggurat Virtual Field Trip
• Ziggurats were the most impressive early
buildings – temples show importance of
• Kings claimed to be representatives of
gods and to rule by favor of gods =
theocratic kingship
Due Dates:
Green Sahara (X-Credit,) 9/12
Black Ships Before Troy, September 15
Write like a Babylonian
List the progression from “object” to its
cuneiform. Draw one example.
Over what period of time and by which peoples
were cuneiforms used?
What were the advantages, the disadvantages
of this system of writing?
What eventually replaced cuneiforms writing?
What allowed scholars to learn about this first
writing system?
Assignment 3
The Epic of Gilgamesh
• Read pp 35 of your text.
• Answer the 3 questions (2 in text, 1 on
photocopy) on a separate sheet of paper.
– Your name and period
– Answers written in complete sentences.
The Epic of Gilgamesh
(practice questions)
A. Is a “buddy” tale of two guys who perform
astonishing feats.
B. Is a cautionary tale reminding us of man’s
C. Is a creation myth.
D. A and B are correct.
E. All the above are correct
An Epic is all the following except:
A story:
a. About a hero possessing extraordinary
strengths ( and weaknesses.)
b. About conflicts requiring feats of valor,
great courage and stamina.
c. Including a moral as the ending.
d. Written in an elevated register (tone) of
Assignment 4
• Read pp. 36-37 of your textbook.
• Complete first row of focus question on
chapter guided reading worksheet.
• For each of the 5 blue-coded terms, write
an identifying sentence.
• Answer Checkpoint question on pp. 37.
What phrase emphasizes Hammurabi’s greatness? What
effect would it have on its listeners?
Preparing to Write
• With your partner, you will discuss one of
the two topics.
• Given our activities, (lectures and
homework) summarize in bulleted form the
key ideas presented. Be sure to cite
examples of your major points.
• Class discussion
Assignment 5
Write a well-organized paragraph answering
one of the topics assigned.
Be sure to:
•Use complete sentences.
•Check your spelling and punctuation.
•Provide examples of your key ideas
Black Ships Before Troy, September 15
Cuneiform Extra-Credit, September 19