John Eisenhour Named 2014 Recipient of Hartmann

John Eisenhour Named 2014 Recipient of
Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award
Rosemont, Ill. (December 15, 2014) – The American Concrete Pavement Association (ACPA) proudly
presented the 2014 Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award to John E. Eisenhour, Jr., National Sales
Manager, Guntert & Zimmerman Const. Div., Inc., Ripon, Calif.
The award officially recognizes Eisenhour for more than 50 years of dedication and commitment to the
art and science of concrete pavement construction. ACPA further recognized him for earning the
praise and respect of the concrete pavement industry and agencies/owners through his vast
knowledge and demonstrated expertise as both a contractor and an equipment expert. He also is
recognized for a superb leadership record; skillful advocacy and networking abilities; peerless
mentoring; and unswerving support of the concrete pavement industry and the American Concrete
Pavement Association.
Eisenhour is the 46th recipient of the Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award since its inception in 1968. In
receiving the award, he joins an elite group of individuals, companies and agency/owners recognized
for their unparalleled contributions.
Paying tribute to Eisenhour during the awards program were Ron Guntert, Owner and CEO of Guntert
& Zimmerman; Ron Meskis, President of Guntert & Zimmerman; Eric M. Jensen, CEO of Castle Rock
Construction Co. of Colorado LLC, Centennial, Colo.; and Gary Fick, P.E., Vice President of Trinity
Construction Management Services, Inc., Edmond, Okla.
Each of the colleagues and friends of Eisenhour’s recalled heartwarming experience and humorous
anecdotes that represent ways he has been a consummate professional, mentor, colleague, friend,
and family man.
About John Eisenhour
Eisenhour is the second oldest living and still-active past chairman of the ACPA Board of Directors, a
position he held with distinction in 1974. During his five decades of service in the concrete pavement
industry, he has devoted countless of hours supporting ACPA and other concrete associations. His
advice and counsel to the association are highly valued by leadership and staff of the association.
Eisenhour is also well known for his ability to connect people and companies together. He is also well
known for an impeccable knowledge of equipment, so much so that some consider him a one man
database of trimmers, pavers, placers, batch plants, and other equipment used by contractors across
the nation. With a firm grasp on the make, model, year of purchased, and even provenance of the
equipment, he is a valued asset for contractors looking for used pieces of equipment or operating
The importance he places on family and country is unshakable. His patriotism and attention to the
extended family of his contractor friends is also noteworthy, and is a reflection of his personal values,
as well as the value he places on family, friends, and colleagues.
He received both a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Business Administration degree from the
University of Michigan. He worked for Eisenhour Construction from 1964-1983, where he ascended to
company President.
After the sale of the company in 1983, Eisenhour remained for five years to see the transition through
to what is today Interstate Highway Construction, Inc. He worked for CMI from 1987 to 1991, working
in paving equipment sales selling roto-mills, stabilizers, fine grading equipment, and other equipment.
He also worked for McCarthy Improvement Company and C.J. Langenfelder & Son, Inc., holding the
position of Vice President in both companies. He then CMI as Regional Sales Manager from 19972008, before joining Guntert & Zimmerman in 2008.
Eisenhour Construction joined ACPA upon the Association's formation in 1964. Eisenhour was involved
heavily in early promotion activities. Eisenhour Construction earned membership in the ACPA Mile-aDay Club in 1969.
He has been the recipient of several awards and recognitions, including ACPA’s first Outstanding
Equipment Supplier in 2007, as well as the AGC-Build America Award in 1997.
In 1971, John helped to innovate paving promotion, serving as co-captain of the Pave-In Team,
supplying a central mix plant & new CMI Auto-Blade Finegrader to the effort. The Pave-in-Team won
what was then known as the Harold W. Hartman Award for construction of a mile of concrete road
presented to Kankakee County, Ill., free of charge. The project employed ACPA design and
specifications to illustrate cost saving ideas for upgrading low traffic roads with concrete pavement.
Following his term as ACPA Chairman, Eisenhour served two terms as Chairman of the National
Construction Industry Council. He was both a founding member and ACPA’s representative to the
council. He also was a co-founder of the Michigan Concrete Paving Association in 1972. He also has
served on the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (CP Tech Center) Advisory Board, and
has been a presenter for FHWA regional meetings and local industry seminars. He also has been a
board member of The Road Information Program (TRIP) since 1974.
Eisenhour also has presented testimony numerous times to U.S. House of Representatives and Senate
committees of jurisdiction, discussing topics such as the Davis-Bacon Act, minority business, and
highway bill reauthorization.
About the Hartmann-Hirschman-Egan Award
The award is one of the most coveted awards presented by the American Concrete Pavement
Association. The award recognizes individuals and companies, as well as other organizations, for
unparalleled commitment, dedication, participation, and leadership in the concrete pavement
First presented in 1968, the award was originally named in honor of Harold W. Hartmann, who served
as the Association’s Secretary-Treasurer from 1964 until 1974. In 1987, Robert E. Hirschman’s name
was added in recognition of his term as the Association’s Chairman (then President) in 1967, as well as
his tenure as Secretary-Treasurer from 1975 to 1987. In 2007, the name of Edward A. Egan was added
in recognition of his steadfast leadership and dedication to the Association and the industry it serves.
Among the stations he occupied was the ACPA’s chairman in 1986, as well as Secretary-Treasurer—
from 1988 to 2007, making him the longest-serving person in that capacity in the Association’s history.
These individuals demonstrated leadership and tireless dedication to the concrete pavement industry,
which helped shape the ACPA and the industry it serves. The award is presented to individuals or
groups that demonstrate the same level of dedication as Hartmann, Hirschman, and Egan.
About the ACPA
The American Concrete Pavement Association is the national trade association for the concrete
pavement industry. The primary mission of the ACPA is to create and maintain a strong national
presence through dynamic, strategic leadership; effective technical expertise and resources; and
persuasive advocacy on behalf of the concrete pavement industry.
Founded in 1963, the American Concrete Pavement Association is headquartered in Chicago at 9450
West Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 150, Rosemont, Ill. 60018. Telephone: 847.966.2272. The Association’s
metropolitan Washington, DC-office is located at 3925 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 300, Fairfax, Va.
22030. Phone: 202.638.2272. Visit us on the web at
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