E-journal, E-books and Internet Resources

OARE Module 6D:
E-journal, E-books and Internet
Resources: Other Useful
Contents Module 6: E-journal, Ebooks and Internet Resources
Module 6A: Background; Free E-journals
Module 6B: Free E-book Access
Module 6C: Environment Gateways/Portals
Module 6D: Other Useful Resources
Other Useful Resources
(a brief sampling)
Open Grey
Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
In WorldWideScience.org (a global
science gateway that searches 99 sources.
Search pesticide AND soil pollution.
The total search results (2033) are
organized into papers, multimedia
and data sections. Click on
Topics//Full Text Available (231).
Open the html link to the article
Soil Fungi as Indicators…
The Open Source journal article
is open via the link to the
downloadable PDF version.
Open Grey is a database of 700,000 grey
literature references in Europe plus links to
many full-text documents - technical
or research reports, doctoral dissertations,
conference papers and official publications.
Search urban areas AND air pollution.
131 results for the urban areas AND air
pollution search are displayed. The results
are organized by author, organization,
discipline, keyword and year.
OpenDOAR is a directory of over
2600 academic open access
repositories. This is the Country
and Organizations access page.
Displayed is the Search
Repository Contents page.
The Bielefeld Academic Search
Engine (BASE) can be used to
identify environment related material.
Search heavy metals AND children.
In BASE, 1420 hits have been
identified for this search and are
organized by Relevance. Note the
other Refine Search Results options
In BASE abstracts,
Open Access (when
available) is noted.
Displayed is the PDF for
this Open Access article.
Dgroups is a resource for
international development
discussion groups. Join the
groups that interest you.
Below is the link to the registration
process. To join groups, you
need to be registered.
Displayed is the list Sub-communities.
Scroll down the list for environment
related groups,
This slide is a example of an
environmental-related dgroup.
This is the end of the OARE Basic
Course Module 6D.
Complete Module 6 exercises # 1 8 in the accompanying OARE
exercises document
Updated: July 2015